Let’s take a look at some plinking fun with some fun pistols. When you go plinking, you want to fire a lot of rounds for minimum costs without breaking your risks. For this, the good old caliber .22 is best, and so that you have really all the fun you deserve, use the best guns for the best plinking caliber.

The rimfire rounds of .22LR (22 Long Rifle) are cheap, lack almost any kind of recoil, and are not intimidating. Besides plinking, that makes them also super for teaching new and especially young shooters. They can get the first impression of what it is like to shoot a gun, they can learn the basics of firearms safety, and they get a feeling for it. From there, they can transition later to some heavier calibers.

1. The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact 

The Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact offers a very good partner for some very good self defense guns. The larger siblings of this gun can be had in some serious calibers including 9mm. This allows new shooters to get themselves acquainted with the real deal before using it. Also, it gives you the chance to up your training. Constantly shooting 9 mm, .45 ACP, or .40 S&W rounds can be quite expensive and hurtful to your wrist. Having the same gun in the soft .22LR saves you money and pain while giving you a feeling that is as close to the real deal as it can get.

The M&P 22 Compact is modeled after its more powerful sibling with a teeny little small difference, and that is that it comes in a slightly smaller package. However, that gives it its own advantage which is its small weight of only 15 ounces. For this, you still get a barrel length of 3.5 inches.


As a nice extra, the barrel comes threaded and ready to accept a suppressor, not that this is really needed in a caliber that is not that loud to begin with. Important common features with all other M&Ps include the thumb safety, the whit dot frond and rear sights and the good old black polymer grips.

A little bonus for your safety is that you need to have the magazine inserted in order to fire this beauty. It has a capacity of 10 + 1, and while it is not a super defense gun by itself, it does give you an excellent training opportunity.

2. The Glock 44

Here comes the training tool for the Glock fans, the Glock 44 in .22LR. This one came quite as a surprise when it was released in 2020. Intended as a training device for those, who own the Glock 19, it has the exact same size. However, in .22LR, it is much cheaper to train, and you do build up muscle memory with it. It feeds from a 10 round magazine and fires through a barrel with a length of 4.02 inches. With an unloaded weight of just 14 ounces, it is easy to transport and use.

GLOCK G44 22LR 10RD 4.02" PISTOL

3. The Browning 1911 Rimfire

The 1911 platform is considered to be the greatest handgun ever made. Designed by John Browning, this incredible pistol is not only still around, it is still produced in an ever greater number of models and variations.

One of them is the downsized model in .22LR created for the 100th anniversary of the 1911 platform. It is not only very compact; it weighs just 15 ounces. Even so, the ergonomics and the whole feel in your hand is just the same as it is for the full size siblings.

It comes with a dual safety system consisting of a grip and a manual thumb safety. The slide is machined aluminum and the barrel is made of stainless steel. There are a few different combinations of grips and finishes available. Also, the barrel can be pre-threaded. The capacity is 10 + 1. This gun offers you a just nice and fun way to do some training or plinking.


4. The Walther P22 Series

Another .22 pistol with siblings in bigger calibers is the Walther P22 Series. In fact, that is not just one kind of gun, but a model with different variations. Of course, are all semi auto and come with a capacity of 10 + 1. They feature single action/double action triggers, and sport an ambidextrous magazine release. The backstraps are interchangeable to make sure that your gun fits your hands.

The barrel length is 3.4 inches, and you can have it with a threaded barrel. This way, you can attach a suppressor if you feel the need to do so. Furthermore, there is a picatinny rail that allows you to mount some nice accessories. It comes with three dot sights as a standard with the rear sight being adjustable. The price of $300 is nothing to complain given that you get a Walther.


5. The Beretta M9 Rimfire

You own a Beretta and want to do some training or plinking without too much cost? You can have this one in .22LR as well. The M9 is a proven pistol and was the sidearm of the American Military for quite some time. While it has been replaced since, it is still a reliable gun that has stood the test of time and comes with a great reputation.

Being such, it is quite popular, and with that comes the demand for a cheaper training version that is available in .22LR. An external hammer and a single action/double action as well as an ambidextrous safety make this gun exactly like its full size siblings. One great advantage of this gun its insensitivity to .22LR ammo. While other guns are often picky in this regard, the M9 just takes anything you feed her. The barrel has a length of 4.9 inches and the capacity is 10 + 1.

Beretta M9 9mm Pistol

6. The Ruger SR 22

Ruger does not only produce the Mark IV, but also brings this proven design on the market. The SR 22 has become quite popular and is a reliable little plinker. The barrel length is just 3.5 inches and the weight stands at 17.5 ounces. This is owed to the black polymer frame and the slide which is made of aluminum.

Coming with a picatinny rail, it is easy to mount some accessory. Also, the ambidextrous controls are easy to manipulate making this whole pistol just fun to shoot. The rear sight is adjustable making it easy to always be on target. With a 10 round magazine, you have quite some firepower for some plinking, and it is a great help for teaching the basics of firearm use.

7. The Ruger Mark IV

The Ruger Mark IV is the most popular and most common semi automatic pistol chambered in .22LR that you can find on the market. As the name Mark IV suggests is this the fourth iteration of the original Ruger Standard Model. This was introduced for the first time in 1949. Since then, it has been kept up to date and Ruger improved the design time and again.

The frame of the Mark IV starts as a single piece of metal and is CNC machined. There are a variety of finishes as well as grip configurations available. This means, you can definitely find what fits you best. As a standard, the pistol comes with 2 magazines. The barrel length can be chosen and is either 5.5 inches or 6.8 inches. The capacity is 10 + 1 rounds.


The pistol is fully ambidextrous. For some shooting at more than just short ranges it comes with an adjustable rear sight. Best is, after some serious time on the range, it is easy to disassemble and to clean.

8. The Browning Buckmark

The Brown Buckmark is another gun with the distinct look of a Luger. That makes it not a surprise that it is loved by many shooters. Besides the look, it has one of the nicest trigger you can find in Luger style platforms. This makes it especially nice to shoot and easy to train with it.

You can choose from a wide range of factory options suiting many preferences and needs. Taking it down for cleaning is a no brainer. Depending on the model, you just have to push a button or rotate a pin, and you can take it apart. However, there is one part that is rather unnecessary complicated. To remove the slide bridge, you need 2 Allen wrenches. That is quite annoying.

Browning Buckmark

It comes with the standard 10+ 1 capacity and a bull barrel with a length of 5.5 inches. There are some aftermarket accessories available. Also, it is quite reliable, so you get a good deal.

9. The SW-22 Victory

The SW-22 Vistory is a design that has obviously been inspired by the good old Luger. With it, Smith and Wesson offers some good quality and great ergonomics. What makes this gun stand out of the crowd is that it can feed reliably all .22LR ammo you feed it without any hiccups. Even mixed bulk ammo is no problem.

The capacity is 10 + 1 as you would expect. A bull barrel, typically with a length of 5.5 inches, does not bring a good look but also some outstanding accuracy. However, where it is lacking is the aftermarket support. If you do not mind to leave a gun as it is, this will not sway you, and you can get some decent fun out of it.


When it comes to guns looking like a Luger, the SW-22 is definitely on the budget side of the spectrum. With an MSRP of just $360, it is easily affordable. After your range sessions, it is quite easy to take it down and to clean it.

10. The Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Revolver

Do you want to feel like a real cowboy? Do you want to shoot a gun that feels and looks like the good old Colt Single Action, the gun that won the west? Do you want all of this without breaking your bank and wrist? Welcome to the Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Revolver.

Yeah, it is sometimes hard to believe, but guns out of the old west are still being made, bought, and sold. They are not even overly expensive. You can get this model for just $149, and there are even special offers for only $30. The latter can often times even come with a spare cylinder in .22 WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire). This is an offer you cannot refuse as you get 2 guns for the price of ones shooting two calibers by just swapping the cylinder.

Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Revolver

The barrel length varies from 4.75 inches all the way to 6.5 inches. Also, there are different finishes and grips available. You will definitely find something for your taste and needs.

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