Some people dream about luxurious cars, while I only want a high-end handgun by my side. Call me a lunatic. But hey! I’m sure I’m not the only one. For men and women like me who want a badass gun with sleek design or high performance.

1. Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shorty .40: $1000+ 

The name of Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shorty .40 came from a short barrel length of 3.75 inches. Meanwhile, the Performance Center means that the firearm is a limited edition and uniquely designed with unique features, perfect for sophisticated shooters. These models are mostly the new and improved versions of the other pistols. 

It has a Briley titanium bushing, and the rear sight is adjustable. The metal frame of the gun has a black finish. The magazine has an extended pad and can be shared or interchanged with other Smith & Wesson handguns such as their 669, 6906, 469, and 59. The cartridge is a mixed performance of the 10mm power and a small casing for accuracy and a comfortable, slim grip.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center Shorty .40

If you are down for a gun that always aims to be the best among the rest, the next one might be your dream handgun.

2. HK USP Compact 9mm: $1045 

Heckler & Koch USP Compact 9-millimeter is a concealable handgun that will always make you feel secure. It has a 13+1 magazine capacity in a small, corrosion-proof fiber-reinforced frame that small hands can well handle. Furthermore, it has an ambidextrous mag release lever for any dominant hand. For those looking for something easy to carry yet can be abused, this will undoubtedly support you and never let you down.

Since they reduced the grip thickness and the trigger reach, you can shoot this pistol with ease using one hand. The Polygonal bore profile of the gun makes it easier to clean, increasing the velocity and longer barrel life. You may customize the magazine to flat or extended floorplate and choose from 9 trigger firing modes.


Overall, the HK USP Compact 9-millimeter is a reliable, accurate, and concealable gun great for any hand size. But if you want something more concealable and easy to blend in, the next one might be your dream handgun.

3. Springfield Armory EMP: $1,399

Springfield Armory EMP is a 1911 carry gun. You might be familiar with 1911, as other models might also have this title. It copies the famous pistol design of John Moses Browning produced in, of course, 1911. 

The 1911 design includes a barrel with a moving link under the chamber, and it moves backward with the slide when engaged. It allows the slide to eject the cartridge case. The recoil spring then sends the slide and barrel forward with a new cartridge ready to be fired. Very well-thought construction that many firearm companies still use even in today’s generation.

The Springfield Armory EMP has a short barrel, contributing to its lightweight while still surprisingly accurate. It fits the category of a subcompact gun as it has a more petite frame and shorter rounds. If you want a full-size 1911 pistol but smaller and easy to carry, this is your dream guy. 

Springfield Armory EMP

The next is another 1911 handgun, but with a more beautiful, unique appearance.

4. Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth Elite: $1,400

This pistol has a small frame and is very lightweight that you may even fit in your pocket, and no one will even notice. It is a semi-automatic, chambered 9×19-millimeter Parabellum. This handgun gained its reputation and made its way to the “Shooting Illustrated” magazines and “Handgun of the Year” in 2005. 

The handgun is 5.2 inches long and 3.7 inches tall and weighs only less than a pound when empty, mind blowing. The magazine can hold six rounds plus 1 in the chamber and weighs 1.6 ounces when empty. The Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth Elite weighs 18 ounces when fully loaded. 

The gun only holds seven rounds, which seems not enough, but hey, the weapon’s purpose is for better concealment, which I think did a pretty good job. This firearm is perfect if you are looking for easy to carry all day long in your pocket without the attention. The next one will be right for you, a concealable handgun with full-size benefits.

Rohrbaugh R9 Stealth Elite

5. Kimber Rapide: $1,500+

Kimber Rapide has an exterior that will wow the people looking for attractive handguns. The sleek design consists of stepped cocking serrations for traction on cycling the slide, slide-lightening cuts that allow the user to have a faster lock time, and a match-grade, stainless steel Titanium Nitride coated barrel that gives that gold accent to the masterpiece and adds to the durability. You may also customize this pistol directly from the factory. 

Aside from its beauty, it is still a decent semi-automatic handgun. It has stainless steel with a black KimPro II finish for the slide and frame. The handgun’s Kimber Stuplex front strap stippling and G10 WavZ gripping with an extended beavertail grip safety assists the user with better hold and fire control. 

The Tru-Glo TFX Pro day/night sights help the shooter aim with rapid acquisition at bright or dark lighting. So this firearm has a sleek design and is reliable for self-defense at any time of the day. For a more masculine look, check out the next one.


6. Colt Python Revolver: $2,025+

I think all men’s dream is to have a revolver by their side. Colt is one of the legendary gun companies producing pistols that gained popularity from its performance and publicity, as most badass films have colts. The Colt Python revolver is one of their latest model with a stainless steel alloy for the frame and a Walnut grip with the trademark Colt medallion.

The newly designed rear adjustable sight with 30% steel makes the gun more durable and gives the user a robust shooting experience. You have the choice of 3, 4.25, and 6 inches barrel lengths that are all made of stainless steel. 


This gun is known for its brutal looks and force. Many owners prize it for its exceptional accuracy. You will feel more badass when shooting one of these double-action revolvers. Another sweet masterpiece that many people had been dreaming of is the next one.

7. Case Hardened Desert Eagle: $2,368

Just look at that rustic design of the Case Hardened Desert Eagle Pistol. What makes this handgun beautiful is its “Hardened” case finish, clear protective coat, gold plated trigger, and a Walnut grip with a Desert Eagle logo. The package also includes a Hogue rubber grip that you may equip. 

This semi-automatic pistol is also popular since it has been in many movies, television shows, and even video games, just like the Colt. So if you are looking for a handgun just for the mainstream experience and pop-culture reference, have yourself a Desert Eagle pistol. Aside from the hardened finish, there are other options for your taste.


It is a fact that this handgun is expensive. You can buy a decent second-hand car or pay for your tuition with the price, but it is a beauty. Most people have this handgun in their collection instead of engagement. But if you are not the appearance matter kind of guy, the next one has an interesting detail in its ergonomics.

8. HK P7: $2,200+

The Heckler & Koch P7 only has the best and most talented engineers that can create what the consumers exactly want. It is excellent for police firearms, but spies can even rely on this semi-automatic pistol. It is classy, elegant, and civilized but ergonomically efficient and effective. Every detail in the gun adds to its asset.

The prominent squeeze cocker only needs 1.5 pounds of force to depress and cock the gun. It will re-cock the striker after every shot, just like a single-action pistol when you keep squeezing it. When the lever is released, then the striker will immediately de-cocks. It adds to the efficiency of engagement and security when not meant to be used.

This handgun is one of the best in the market, is safe, and technologically advanced. The next one is one of the limited editions of enhanced firearms of S&W.

9. Ed Brown Special Forces Carry I II: $3800+

People appreciate the Ed Brown Special Forces Carry for its top-shelf performance rather than the beauty of the appearance. The construction and design of the handgun contribute to the performance and excessive use of this pistol. 

The fore strap has an exclusive Chain Link III treatment with a Bobtail frame, applied with several coatings. This design is for ultimate durability, better wear resistance, and rust protection. Meanwhile, the deep handle adds to the comfortable and secure grip. The user may choose a Gen4 coating for more enhanced features and optional night sights.

Ed Brown Special Forces Carry I II

This handgun might not be as pretty as the other in the list in the sight of the others, but it should not deceive you. After all, the saying goes, “do not judge the book by its cover.” It might be simple, but it performs well and is very durable. The last handgun is a mixture of aesthetics and engineering.

10. Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade EDC X9: $3145

We talked about some of the eye-capturing handguns and some of the best-performing ones. The Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade EDC X9 proves that a gun can be the best of both worlds. The company handbuilt this pistol with the finest carbon-reinforced steel for ultimate defense, a G10 starburst grip, and a beavertail for safety. The overall appearance has weight savings with a 30 LPI Slide top and 40 LPI checkered rear. 

The designer staff, champion shooters, and external industry experts thoroughly test the pistols to ensure that their products have a 1911 match-grade accuracy, superior ergonomics, and high reliability. With the size of the gun, it will be hard to conceal it. However, it is still a great defense gun based on the quality of the materials and design incorporated. 

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