An AR-15 is as good as it can get. The gun is super ergonomic, accurate, reliable, and versatile. The lower is the actual firearm, and you can swap different uppers with different calibers and different barrel lengths on it. If you do not want to swap anything, you can add tons of accessories, and there is a lot of aftermarket support available. When it comes to your AR-15, there is almost nothing that you cannot do with it. This makes it easy to understand why this gun is so popular, and why there are so many next generation models of it waiting for you.

15. FoldAR Double Fold AR

To transport an AR, possibly concealed, it is the newest trend, to make them either break-down or foldable. The Double Fold AR fits into this category perfectly as it does not only fold one but as the name tells you twice. You can fold the barrel and the stock or brace. This turns your AR-15 with a barrel length of 9 inches into a nice package with a folded overall length of just 10 and ¾ inches.

This design from FoldAR does not sacrifice any performance and of course no safety. It is easy to fold and stow this gun and have it ready at hand whenever you need it. It takes only seconds to go from fully folded to its full length.

14. Springfield Armory Saint Edge ATC

The Saint Edge ATC from Springfield Armory is built around the Accurized Tactical Chassis developed by the company. It is designed to give you maximum accuracy and precision. For that, it comes with a monolithic lower and handguard system. The barrel is 100 percent free floating. There is no contact between it, the barrel nut, and the gas system with any component of the lower chassis. The trigger is a two stage LaRue, and the rifle sports a B5 System`s Precision Stock.


13. Palmetto State Armory H&R M16A1 Clone

The H&R M16A1 clone from PSA is a great retro gun. Its classic look is as good as the firepower you get with its 20-inch barrel. Chambered for 5.56, it does come with an A2 -style fixed synthetic stock and an A2 carry handle receiver. The handguard has rifle length, and of course, there are A2 front sights. To make it complete, you get sling swivels and a 20-round mag.

Palmetto State Armory H&R M16A1 Clone

12. Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon

The Savage Arms MSR 15 Recon features a nickel boron-coated trigger, free-float handguard, and an upgraded Savage barrel. With its 5R rifling and a Melonite QPQ finish, you get a consistent accurate performance, no matter what the conditions. The Recon`s custom-forged lower and Magpul adjustable stock and pistol grip make for a good look.


11. Smith & Wesson Volunteer XV

The Volunteer XV from Smith & Wesson is chambered in 5.56 NATO. It is designed for sport, recreational shooting, and professional applications. You get the gun with premium grips, handguards, triggers, sights, and stocks. Also, it is ambidextrous and its barrel features 5R rifling. This makes this rifle a great gun right out of the box.


10. Smith & Wesson M&P 15T II

The Smith & Wesson M&P 15T II brings you added premium enhancements for the Smith & Wesson M&P15 line. This is a truly high-performance sporting rifle with its free float 16-inch barrel with 5R rifling and a 1 in 8-inch twist rate and a mid-length gas system, which reduces the recoil while cycling the action reliably.

The trigger guard is forged and oversized to make the flat faced trigger usable even when wearing gloves. The Radian Raptor-LT charging handle is ambidextrous. All in all, this is a great upgrade to the M&P15 line.



The B&T comes not only with a great look, but also with an M4-style lower that runs 9mm Glock magazines. It sports a non-reciprocating charging handle in the typical AR15/M4 style. This charging handle can be changed or foldable, and it is ambidextrous. This PDW with its pistol caliber makes a good truck or hiking gun.


8. LMT Defense MARS L9 PCC

The LMT Defense MARS L9 PCC comes with an M-Lock handguard and is fully ambidextrous. With a flared magazine well, it accepts all double stack Glock magazines with capacities from 15 all the way up to 33 and even drums holding 50 rounds.

You can swap barrels easily thanks to the monolithic upper and the MRP system. Chambered in 9 mm, it sports a mil-spec anodized aluminum phosphate steel finish. You get it as a pistol or as a short-barreled rifle with a stock.


7. Blackout Defense Quantum DTL 

The Blackout Defense Quantum DTL comes with a barrel that is designed with two tapered barrel nuts, called the Dual Taper Lock. It keeps the barrel secure and centered locking the surfaces with an incredible force of friction. The taper in the area of mating is 60 degrees. The idea is to reduce harmonic vibration. This increases the accuracy and precision of the barrel. Furthermore, it stops un-torquing and provides a rigid platform for the mounting of the handguard.

Blackout Defense Quantum DTL 

6. 450 Bushmaster Lite

Bushmaster International is well known and brings as the 450 Bushmaster Lite. Being chambered for the rather hefty .450 Bushmaster, this is in theory one beast of a gun. In practice, however, it is more on the light side of things. Also, even more surprising with this weight, it does handle the recoil of the cartridge well. The Snake Charmer muzzle brake helps with that, and enhances the look. The barrel has a length of 20 inches. Around it is a free floating handguard with a length of 14 inches. It sports a DM2S two stage trigger and a fixed A2 style shoulder stock. The ammo comes from an aluminum magazine that holds 5 rounds.

450 Bushmaster Lite

5. Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine

The Rock River Arms Assurance Carbine is built around a precision-made upper and lower. With a 16-inch chrome moly barrel chambered in 5.56, it is very accurate and has an extended barrel life. The shooter control is enhanced with the two stage trigger, what also increases the accuracy. It sports a free floating quad rail handguard with full-length Picatinny rails at the 12, 3, and 9 o’clock positions for different accessories, including of course lights and red dots.

4. Anderson Manufacturing M-15

The Anderson Manufacturing M-15 comes with a barrel length of 10.5 inches and is available as a pistol with an SBA3 Tactical Pistol Brace. If you take it as a short barreled rifle, it comes with an SB Tactical A3 stock. You aim with A2 front and Magpul rear sights. The lower and upper are made from forged 7075 T6 Aluminum. The barrel itself is made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium. The twist rate is 1 in 8 and is threaded. Right out of the box, it sports an A2 flash hider, but you can use a suppressor.


3. DRD Tactical Aptus

The DRD Tactical Aptus comes with internal recoil and quick barrel change technology. This means, you will not find the standard buffer tubes and springs you might expect in an AR-15. Thanks to this, you cannot only fold the stock, but also fire it when it is folded. That is ideal to keep it short and handy but readily available. Also, it serves you well in close quarter battles.

Also, the system allows you to change the caliber without having an additional upper. This way, you can easily go from 5.56 – .300 Blackout or vice versa.


2. Red Arrow Weapons 15

The RAW 15 has a good look and comes chambered in .223/5.56. The barrel is free floating made from chrome moly and hard-coated. It sports a 1 in 8 twist. Accessories can be attached to a 15-inch M-Lock rail system mated to an A3-style upper.

Both, the upper and the lower, are made from forged 7075 aluminum. The CMC single stage trigger has a pull of 3.5 pounds. The gas system is mid-length, and the bolt carrier group is shot peened and magnetic particle inspected.

Red Arrow Weapons 15

1. Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR 277

Sig Sauer did not only focus on winning some major defense contracts, it has also put its technology to good use for the civilian market in the form of the MCX-SPEAR 277. This gun is made to match the submission of Sig Sauer for the military with which it made it into the finale of the NGSW program. Featuring a 13-inch barrel, it is pleasant to shoot thanks to the new Sig Sauer SLX Lo-Tox suppressor that comes with it.

Sig Sauer MCX-SPEAR 277

There you have it guys, some of the best AR-15s of the next generation. Did we forget one? Put it into the comments and let us know what makes it great.

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