Since John Moses Browning made this little straight-walled cartridge over a hundred years ago, the .380 handgun has come a long way. Once thought to be too small for self-defense, the .380 is now much better at stopping attackers than it used to be, partly because bullets have gotten better.

These things make the .380 handguns popular, but the main question is, which one of these pocket handguns is right for you?

Before concealed carry handguns became popular, the 380 ACP handguns were almost dead. In the United States, the little 9mm Kurz was never a trendy round. It was around, and mini pistols came and went, but the .380 ACP came back to life when people started carrying guns on their hips.

People wanted small guns, and the .380 was a small gun with decent ballistics and not too much recoil.

Some of the best choices for less money can be found here.


The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 is a solid, reliable gun that reasonably costs. This .380 semi-automatic handgun is small and light, and it has a lot of features that make it easy to shoot quickly and accurately.

The Smith & Wesson M&P BODYGUARD .380, which stands for “Military and Police,” is a semi-automatic handgun with a polymer frame that is operated by a short recoil and has a locked breech. It was made by Smith & Wesson, one of the best-known handgun companies in the United States.

One of the best things about it is that, unlike many other guns, it doesn’t matter what kind of bullet you use.

We suggest practicing with different ammo until you find the one that works when you pull the trigger. 

It’s hard to find a Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard for less than $369, so this older model is your best bet.



The Walther PK380, a German handgun with a.380 ACP barrel, debuted in 2009. This small caliber is not as strong and is made for people just starting with shooting. The PK380, based on the iconic Walther P 22, is a small gun for people with less physical strength, but is it worth it?

The Walther PK380 is a surefire when it comes to accuracy. This is almost a given when you think about how convenient it is to control because of the gun’s low recoil, small caliber, and small size, but let’s go over the details. 

The reduced recoil, most of which is caused by the small caliber, is one reason why it is so accurate. 

You could even put sights on it if you want, and it will still be small enough to hide.

And guess how much is this gun today? The price won’t really hurt your pocket. You can get this gun for just around $300.



The model is relatively light because of how it is put together.  It just weighs around 15 ounces. This means you can carry it around all day without worrying about how heavy it is.

This gun can also hold a 10-round capacity magazine. This gives you the peace of mind of not worrying to run out of ammos while shooting targets at the range.

You will also love this gun because of its big grip. The grip is wide enough to hold it with both hands. The gaps on the grip, on the other hand, keep the recoil from being too strong. 

Also, the gun has a functioning sight to hit the target right where you want it.

Most of these handguns on the list are very small, and they often make the most of how short and small the .380 ACP round is. Small grips and often small sights make it harder to shoot accurately at distances farther than a couple of feet.



The technology used to make a handgun is often a big part of how well it works. This model has some of the best aspects you can get for a price you can afford. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good handgun anymore.

The first thing you may like is that it is small. The whole thing is only 6.7 inches long. It will make it easy to put it in your pocket and shoot targets. You won’t have to worry about carrying it around all day.

You can also get a model that doesn’t have any snags, which makes the gun easier to hide and draw quickly. 

In some circumstances, your life might depend on how fast you pull the weapon.



Taurus isn’t usually a brand name that comes to mind when you think of guns you can trust. Most people who want a reliable gun to carry with them choose big brands like Colt, Sig Sauer, and Beretta, and we can’t blame them.

But did you know that a Taurus can last longer than all of these brands combined? Yes, you can pick guns, and people who know a lot about guns say that their Taurus will work well for up to 10,000 rounds!

The 738 TCP is one of the lighter guns on the market. It weighs about 10 pounds. If you’re used to carrying a full-sized handgun like a Beretta, it may take you a while to get used to how heavy the gun is. 

Build quality is also good, and the slide lock that comes with it makes it much easier to reload an empty magazine.


One thing to notice is that instead of the standard sight inserts, this gun has full-length metal guide rails. 

The handgun also has a loaded chamber indicator that sticks out once the gun is filled to show that it is loaded. 

When it comes to its price, Taurus offered this at a very reasonable price of less than $250.

6. KAHR CW3833

The Kahr P series is a line of handgun ammo that can only be fired with a double action. It is used by police officers as a backup gun and by civilians who want to carry a gun. 

The P380 handgun is made from stainless steel and black polymer. Like most Kahr products, its construction is thought to be of its best quality.

The Kahr CW3833 is a smooth, double-action. .380 semi-automatic handgun. Its patent-protected offset cylinder and ergonomic grips make it easier for shooters to control their shots and get them where they want to go. This small gun also has a swiveling trigger system to control the silent safety and firing pin to ensure everything works smoothly.


7. GLOCK 42

With a length of 5.94 inches, the Glock 42 is the smallest handgun that Glock creates. The G.42’s barrel is only 3.25 inches long, the shortest of any handgun. It will be the only Glock that isn’t a full inch wide.

The Glock.380 is also the lightest pistol that the company makes. It weighs only 13.76 ounces when it’s not loaded, which is the same as the Ruger LCR. The 9mm single-stack Glock 43, which weighs 17 ounces when it is empty, is Glock’s next heaviest pistol. Even when loaded with six rounds, the Glock 42 is two ounces lighter than the Glock 43 .380 ammunition.

The Glock 42 could be just as dangerous as guns with bigger calibers in the proper situation. It is the smallest Glock, suitable for people who want a gun that is easy to hide. Even though it’s not for everybody, Glock’s handgun platform and John Browning’s small automatic caliber are still good choices for people who wants to a gun for self-defense.



When it comes to self-defense handguns, the smallest, lightest handgun is usually the best to carry, but it isn’t always strong enough. Here’s what you need to know about the Ruger LCP .380 as a personal protection gun you can count on.

This concealed carry handgun uses the .380 ACP cartridge and a short, 2.75-inch barrel fit right into your pocket. This little pocket handgun is only 5.16 inches long and has a barrel made of alloy steel.

Ruger LCP-C is a customized version of the Ruger LCP for those who are still not convinced. The same small gun package has better sights, a better trigger, and a steel guide rod. 

This custom model is a big step up from the standard model for shooting. It’s also majorities favorite.

With less than $400, the LCP is a good choice for people who like comfort and dependability more than the size and weight of larger handguns. Since then, they’ve made the Ruger LCP II, which costs less than $400.


So, what do you think? What will you choose between these semi-automatic handguns? Let me know your thoughts and comment down below!

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