Springfield Armory is a world-renowned gun manufacturer specializing in terrific micro-carry 19 11-types handguns, available in 9mm or .380 ACP. The company has also produced several pistols, including the great Springfield Armory XD-M series, which are available in 9mm Luger .45 AC, and .40 S&W, to name a few.

Since Springfield Armory has produced several handguns we narrow down the selection to 8 Best Springfield Handguns that you should own.

Here are the best quality gun options for a regular guy like me and gun enthusiasts who want to add quality guns to their arsenal.

1. Springfield Armory Hellcat

For years of creating guns, Springfield has finally produced an exceptional gun with designs and engineering backed by notable engineers, professional shooters, and self-defense experts – the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

The Hellcat is dubbed the world’s highest capacity micro-compact 9mm.

The 3-inch barrel on this ultra-compact conceal and carry handgun weighs roughly 18 ounces. But do not underestimate this handgun as it is designed to be the best in class. It has a capacity of 11+1 and 13+1 with included extended magazine.

And whether your hands are big or not, you can easily use them to defend yourself. Thanks to its adaptive grip features and high visibility sights. And do you know that the Hellcat is also available in optics-ready OSP configuration?


The Hellcat will put you at ease with all these, knowing that you can defend yourself and the people around you.

2. Springfield Armory XD-M Series

The X.D. series raises the bar for polymer frame pistols, including the worth-buying high-end XD-M Competition Series and the overhyped XD-M Elite. These pistols will keep you busy shooting targets after targets for some time. But of course, you need to do this at the shooting range.

These pistols are great choices for gun enthusiasts and people who want high caliber and high-firepower guns, and aesthetic looks which gives a modern look to Springfield’s X.D. pistol – Springfield’s legendary handgun. This is also the gun that most competitive shooters prefer.

The XD-M holds several performance enhancements to upgrade Springfield’s X.D. pistols, giving them an edge both at the shooting range and for self-defense.

They are loved for their accuracy and reliability. And these handguns have multiple interchangeable backstraps that can be tailored to fit your hand, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly point and pull the trigger.


Add a variety of frame sizes, barrel lengths, and chamberings that and you will have a satisfying shooting experience. And don’t forget to take a rest in between when shooting using the X.D. Series. Their capacity numbers can go up to 22+1, causing your wrist to sore slightly.

3. Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin Operator

Springfield Armory takes pride in producing the rugged-looking yet reliable 1911 Ronin Operator, which they dubbed the ‘pistol built for a lifetime of service.’

The 1911 Ronin Operator pistol was thoroughly made to produce a modern-looked gun without compromising its quality and performance.

So, don’t mistake not giving this gun a room in your treasure chest.

And do you know what sets these handguns apart?

Springfield Armory purposely manufactured and forged the frames to the slide, making this gun’s strength and durability superior to other models.

The Springfield Armory 1911 Ronin operator comes in a full-size 5” gun in 9mm and .45 ACP for its variants.


The Ronin Operator’s grips premium laminated wood seals the package. They are equipped with a tactical rack rear sight, 2nd Generation Speed Trigger, and 8+1 and 9+1 capacity magazines.

4. Springfield Armory 911

There is a reason why Springfield Armory named this handgun 911.

When things go wrong and you are alone, don’t panic if 9-1-1 takes so long to respond – 911 will do the job.

The 911 was the compact version of Springfield Armory’s 1911, making it a perfect concealed carry handgun. Though compact in size, this pistol perfectly functions well and is available in both .380 ACP and 9mm.

Don’t try to mess with this bad boy. The 911 may be compact. Still, it can handle a decent capacity of 6+1 and 7+1 with an extended magazine. You can also use the night sights feature with the Ameriglo Pro-Glo, which helps you better see your target in low-light conditions.


And to keep you safe while carrying the gun, Springfield Armory added thumb safety located on both sides. This will help you easily turn on the safety when you are not using the gun and automatically and efficiently lock the gun’s hammer.

5. Springfield Armory XD 3-Inch Subcompact

The Springfield XD series is no question one of the best handguns available, and among these handguns is the XD 3-Inch Subcompact which happens to be one of the best concealed carry weapons. But this weapon is not for people who want a functional fancy looking gun.

This gun is nothing but a functional gun – no aesthetics. This though has a 3-inch barrel and is available in 9mm or.40 S&W.

The XD 3-Inch is a compact poly striker gun with a capacity of 9+1 and 13+1 rounds of an extended magazine. And just like the other guns, this one has a trigger safety lever and a drop safety which is pretty unusual for a poly striker gun.


6. Springfield Armory XD-S MOD.2 OSP

Another Springfield Armory gun that you must have on your gun shelf is XD-S MOD.2 OSP. Having this gun in your collection is like buying a couple of high-grade concealed carry guns at a price of one.

This is not just your typical handgun, but it features a couple of things that one checks when buying a concealed carry handgun.

One of the gun’s features is the ambidextrous magazine release, which allows both the right-handed and the left-hand user to quickly, efficiently, and effectively release the magazine. It also has a standard accessory rail and an indicator that lets you know if the gun is loaded.

The XD-S MOD 2 has a hammer forged barrel and passive grip safety. This puts you at ease and ensures your safety when carrying the handgun.


Lastly, this popular single-Stack EDC is now optics ready. It has direct mounting of compact optics for you to have clear sight and uninterrupted focus when shooting at the range.

7. Springfield Armory SA-35

If there’s something I like on the list, that would be the Springfield Armory SA-35 handgun. I like how Springfield Armory designed the gun. It has a modern take on a revered classic. It brings me back to the where most guns are made up of ‘wood and steel’.

Springfield perfectly created the SA-35, bringing all the modern upgrades to P-35 design. The handgun’s features are also exceptional, the rugged forged steel parts ensure the strength and the durability of the gun. The gun’s upgrade also addresses the P-35’s ergonomics and controls, modern sights, and Springfield Armory increased the gun’s capacity to 15 rounds. Apart from that the SA-35 features a factory-tuned trigger with a smooth pull and crisp, clean break.


8. Springfield Armory EMP

The last handgun that we have on the list is the Springfield Armory EMP, or the Enhanced Micro Pistol. This pistol is one of the Springfield Armory’s old-school single-stack compact. But, this is one of the best compacts conceal carry guns that you should have.

Unfortunately, if you are a big-bore fanatic, you may look for something else since this gun’s variant does not include .45 ACP and has a 3-inch barrel only. That doesn’t mean that this gun, with its size of just around 5 inches tall, 1.12 inches wide, and 6.6 inches long, cannot protect you and spare you from danger.

This compact 1911 comes with wood grips and grip safety, a skeletonized trigger, and hammer.

It also has tritium sights and ambidextrous extended safeties. And guess what? This handgun’s capacity is 9+1 in 9mm and 8+1 in .40 S&W.

The Springfield Armory EMP also comes in two colors, a two-tone with stainless or black parkerized slide. So, if you want an aesthetic 9mm or .40 S&W, get this gun and add this to your arsenal.


Springfield handguns are not just popular because of their designs and aesthetic looks. But there is a reason why they are popular with gun enthusiasts.

You might be thinking about what sets all these guns apart from other guns that you see in gun stores. The thing is, these guys are all good as their look, and price. Springfield ensures people who will purchase any of their products will get as much as how much the price is.

These Springfield Armory guns have the best features, good functionality, high accuracy, and reliability.

Did we miss to add some of Springfield Armory’s best guns? Tell us in the comment section below.

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