Today we are going to talk about the best handguns to conceal in 2022. As someone that carries frequently, choosing the right weapon for the right situation and dress code is important. With that said there are several people that carry concealed in a book bag or purse which allows for the carry of much larger weapons. We are only going to be covering what are in my opinion the best carry weapons of 2022 that I can conceal on my person. 

The next thing we need to consider is how I carry. If you carry a belly band or outside the waistband, shoulder, ankle, or fanny pack that is going to drastically change the weapon you want to carry. I typically carry inside the waistband but occasionally will swap to a bag so keep that in mind while we go through this list.

On this TOP 9 list, we are going to countdown in no particular order.

1. Springfield 911

This is a great option if you are looking for something smaller, reliable, and comfortable. I know some of you are going to argue for the Sig P238 instead-but give this 911 a try and see if you don’t see why I like it so much. 

Each model of the 911 gets better and better, out of the box it comes with a 5-pound pull release hammer that is so very smooth. Night sights standard, a G10 trigger shoe, mainspring housing, and grips. The 9mm has a capacity of 7 plus one weighs in at 15.3oz with a barrel right at three inches. The .380 version of this weapon is of course smaller but on the more affordable side of the price range that starts at $399 up to $599 for the 9mm.

Springfield 911

2. Ruger LCP MAX

This bad boy is perfect for concealing even the most fitted of outfits. When you need to wear a suit and tie and want to be able to carry 12 rounds of .380 ACP the Ruger LCP MAX is what you need. 

I know people feel that the .380 ACP is not the way to go when reaching for something to defend yourself but I promise you if you can’t carry a 9mm this is the way to go. Out of the box, it comes with a Tritium front sight with a white outline for fast acquisition, a textured grip that extends with the 12 round mag for a full firing grip. It weighs 10.06oz with an overall length of 5.17 inches. Suggested retail for this pocket weapon is $469.


3. Smith and Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus

On the list we move up to the subcompact range, more rounds, bigger weapons, versatile enough for date night, and comfortable enough to wear grocery shopping. My absolute favorite in this category and my standard everyday carry the Smith and Wesson Performance Center M&P Shield Plus. 

This weapon is as reliable as it comes and it feels great in the hand. Every year Smith and Wesson add a few tweaks to this model to get not just new and improved but a whole new weapon every year. It is a bit on the heavy side coming in 20.2 Oz but what do you expect when you can carry 13+1 rounds with you at all times. 


Even with the round count, the weapon feels balanced with its double-stacked magazine and 4-inch barrel. Out of the box, the Shield plus comes with a red dot sight and a 4-inch barrel designed to reduce muzzle flip. The extra barrel length also means more twists and a higher velocity to push those 9mm rounds to the max. Suggested retail $579

4. Glock 48 MOS

Now if you are familiar with the Glock 48the MOS is the same platform with a rail and a red dot. If you are not a fan of red dots get the Glock 48, if you are even considering trying one might as well get the 48 MOS to be ready. Out of the box, it comes with a capacity of 10+1 but 15 round mag options available. Weighs in at 18oz even and has a barrel length of 4.17 inches. The MOS retails at $599 if you prefer the 48 it retails at $499.

Glock 48 MOS

5. Springfield Armory Hellcat

11 rounds or an extended mag that can hold 13, 18 oz with a smooth grip makes this one a great comparison to its Sig counterpart the P365. 

I had the pleasure of firing one of these and what surprised me the most was the clean break on the trigger right out the box. It’s slimmer, lighter, and easier to carry than what I usually prefer and took some getting used to but after putting some rounds through it I am a believer. Comes in at a retail price of $499.

While we are talking about the hellcat I would be remiss not to also add the Hellcat RDP or Rapid Defense Package. The platform boasts all of the same highlights as the original Hellcat and then sprinkles in a Hex Wasp red dot optic and a compensator. If you do not know about the Hex Wasp it is the answer to most people’s complaints when it comes to red dot sightings. 

Springfield Armory Hellcat

It has a 3.5 MOA red dot which makes it simple to find floating in your sight picture. The compensator reduces muzzle flip by directing spent gas up and to the sides of the muzzle. With these two features getting you back on target after a discharge could be the thing that saves the lives of you and those around you in a dangerous situation. The RDP weighs a bit more coming in at 19.3oz and the addition of the compensator makes it longer at 3.8 inches. This package comes in on the high end of $529 retail.

6. Walther PPK/S

You cant talk concealed carry without mentioning a Walther, especially not the PPK/S. If the theme song started playing in your head you are in the right place this is James Bonds’s staple and has been in our hearts ever since. If you do not own one or have never fired one this weapon is super easy to conceal and shoots like a dream. 

Anyone that has fired one will tell you the accuracy on this platform is disturbingly good. While this weapon usually appeals to film buffs due to its classic nature and its low capacity of 7+1 this .380 ACP deserves to be a part of any conversation about concealment. With one of the shortest barrel lengths on the list at 3.3 inches, the retail price still ends up on the higher end at $799.

Walther PPK/S

7. Taurus G3C

this is going to be a familiar weapon to most of you as well. The Taurus has been on the top of the charts for years now but the G3C is a new and improved version with an extreme reduction in weight from the G2. If you have fired the G2 you know it had the locking mechanism that can often cause a weapon to not fire when you actually want it to. In a clutch situation that can be dangerous so for the G3C, they ditched the locking mechanism thus dropping the weight. It holds 12+1, weighs 22 oz, and has a barrel length of 3.2 inches. The best part about this new and improved weapon is that it is in everyone’s price range sitting retail at $249. If you are looking for a budget carry you can’t go wrong here.

Taurus G3C

8. Ruger LCR

Now the Ruger is different from most in that it has a polymer frame making it light and resistant to corrosion, not to mention it looks cool. The LCR comes in a variety of calibers depending on your preferences all of which are offered in a snub nose which I prefer. It weighs about 13 oz and carries five of your preferred rounds. With a barrel length of 1.87 inches, it makes a perfect backup carry or ankle holster. This revolver comes in at an affordable $400 with the reliability you can count on.

Ruger LCR


If you have any doubt about this weapon’s ability to perform ask the FBI, DEA, ICE, and the secret service why this weapon has been their go-to for years. Its 9mm version weighs 29oz, a weapon that might make you wonder why it is on a concealed carry list. 

Its weight alone is the factor in why you can reaquire targets and fire faster. Ask any Sig owner and they will die on the hill that it is by far one of the most reliable handguns on the market and it is a reputation well earned. It has a great grip and stacks at 12-15+1 depending on the caliber and looks good doing it. The SIG P229 comes in at a premium of above $800 but it is a weapon that will outlast you and then some.


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