Gun owners used to carrying a firearm daily, be it for self-protection or out of professional requirement, have to take into account suitable gear and attire for it too. The gun itself, its holster, and the belt to carry that all have their significance for a firearm enthusiast. However, the most ignored of this gear are the pants.

Your profession may not give you the liberty to choose your apparel but in case you have it, it’s wise if you choose pants that make carrying and concealing your weapon easier. And since a lot more people are carrying nowadays, there are a lot more choices available to choose from depending on the level of comfort and convenience you prefer.

There are quite a few labels out there offering pants for this purpose. Vertex, Tru-spec, 5.11, Blackhawk, Propper, and more. Each one has some pros and cons but years of rigorous testing has revealed some of these to be superior in quality and function to the others.

It’s important to choose a fabric that can withstand a high amount of stress that outdoor activity and action can inflict on the pants. You’ll want to choose a neutral color that won’t draw much attention to your gun and enough pockets inside and out to contain all your smaller gear.

It’s equally necessary for your pants to be fashionable, flexible, and breathable. Functionality is a key requirement too. Having holsters in the correct spots, belt loops that can support the weight of your gun will also be of use in the pants of someone who carries.

Now that we’ve gone over the features that make excellent concealed carry pants, let’s dive in and check out the first one on our list

1. Under Armour’s UA Enduro Pants

These are ideal for you if you’re looking for pants that are tactical and practical but also discreet. The material is one hundred percent nylon, therefore, imparting the finesse and strength of a true concealed carry outdoor pants but also keeping the looks at par with modern, acceptable standards so you don’t look out of place wearing these.

UA storm has excelled in its technology to create pants that repel water but do not sacrifice the breathability of the fabric. The ultra-durable ripstop fabric is tough enough to withstand almost any kind of environment.

When we call this a modern take on tactical pants, we mean it. The Enduro pants have incorporated an innovative anti-odor technology in the material, hence it prevents odor. This is a very important feature since most people who carry are on their feet all day long, the law enforcement personnel may need to indulge in strenuous activity and outdoor explorers might be out in the wild for days or weeks on end and such situations are bound to make you sweat. Its stretch-engineered waistband allows adequate mobility and comfort. You can adjust it to your liking and it’s easier to manipulate when in a hurry. The offset belt loops allow for easier and proper holstering of your weapon so in case you need it, there won’t be much hassle

The nylon fabric allows adequate flexion at the correct spots and despite the material they have some give to them which makes them one of the most comfortable pants for outdoor use. These are best for inside the waistband carry too.

Besides the usual front and back pockets of all kinds of pants, the UA Enduro also features a zippered pocket along the seam of the right thigh. The location is excellent for the pocket to remain concealed and it is spacious enough to fulfill your needs. So to an average person, these will look like any other pants but only would know they are much more than that.

These come in a variety of colors so you can choose one to your liking or get more than one. Because of their tactical features, it would be silly to hope that these pants have a price tag similar to normal ones. Despite that, the price is not as high as one would expect with this incredible list of features. Most vendors are selling them for around $70, which is a fair enough price if you compare it to the functionality and durability of the pants.

Under Armour's UA Enduro Pants

2. 5.11’s Defender-Flex Pants

If you’re the kind of person who likes to mix in the crowd and do not want anyone to notice your advanced type of pants or the weapon you’re carrying, the Defender-Flex pants by 5.11 are the right choice for you.

To briefly put it, these are tactical pants but don’t even remotely look like them. If you take a close look you’ll notice that these resemble just any pair of normal jean-cut pants. Like simple everyday jeans, these won’t stand out as tactical or profession-oriented. There are no hoards of pockets, zippers, gussets, or D-rings to make them look like tactical pants that are screaming for attention.

Crafted with 10 oz mechanical stretch denim, cotton, polyester, and Lycra T400 tough max, these pants are a great year-round wardrobe staple because of their strength and durability. It has a sleek yet casual look so you can wear it on duty and off duty.

The pockets are designed for the comfort of a person on the go. There are two dual back patch pockets, two rear hip pockets, and 5.11’s signature mag pockets to provide you abundant space for storage and quick effortless access to your gear in critical situations.

The stretchable nature of the fabric allows swift easy movement so you don’t have to face any restrictions while exerting yourself. Another great thing is that these pants come in different styles, and color options so you can get a style and color you like. And for those of you who prefer lighter shades, Defender-Flex khakis are also available in the market.

Just like Under Armour’s pants, this one also has a flexible waistband with plenty of giving hence facilitating IWB carry and you won’t be needing larger waist sizes for the purpose. Their design makes it quite convenient to carry a cellphone on the side and maybe include an extra magazine on the other. So now you won’t have an excuse to leave your extra magazine home, since there’s ample space in your pants to carry them for backup.

The Defender-Flex is sold at quite a fair price, you can get it between $55-$70 depending on the fit, color, size, and version you choose. For its bendable nature, casual look, functionality, and comfort that’s not a lot of money.

5.11's Defender-Flex Pants

3. Colombia Men’s Pilsner Peak Pants

Pilsner peak pants are the right way to go if you’re looking for the best hiking and outdoors-friendly concealed carry pants. There are a lot of reasons to like these, they’re comfortable, they look fashionable, they feel good and most importantly, they have quite a few excellent tactical features.

Crafted from a special Omni-wick technology, their Omni-shade feature provides UPF-50 sun protection rendering them capable of keeping you cool and protecting you from sun damage in the outdoors and at heights.

The articulated knees and advanced fabric provides an extra notch of comfort and allows for swift and versatile movement. With the exterior adjustable waistband and the presence of partial elastic at the waist, you can carry with ease and not feel impaled by your weapon.

The gusset detail and zipped pockets won’t disappoint you especially if you’re the kind of person who prefers adequate storage space. There’s also a knife pocket for that extra touch of care.

Available in quite a few color options including India ink, gravel, grey ash, new cinder, cypress these pants are for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to carry but carry in style. The level of class in this pant is unmatched and to say they have been created for wearing in the wild and on mountains. You can buy these in stores or online and the price ranges from $45-$85 depending on the type, style, and color you choose.

Colombia Men's Pilsner Peak Pants

4. 5.11 TACLITE PRO Tactical Pant

If you’re looking for great quality, durable, and functionally advanced tactical cargo pants, search no more because the 5.11 TACLITE PRO tactical pants are your answer.

With around four thousand five-star reviews on Amazon, the TACLITE PRO does not need anyone vouching for their quality and reliability. These are however not for you if you don’t want your tactical pants to look like tactical pants because these tend to look as tactical as they function.

You may not blend in or be the most stylish person in the room but you sure will be the most comfortable and well equipped for self-defense. After all, there’s a reason the TACLITE PRO is the go-to pants for law enforcement agencies and academies.

Made from premium quality polyester and cotton, the mechanical style ripstop fabric has triple-stitching built. Therefore it’s one of the most sturdy and flexible of the lot allowing maximum performance out in the field. The fabric is also coated with Teflon to give them a protective finish to help resist staining, mud, and moisture without reducing breathability.

Its gusseted inseam and perfect fit ensure comfort and eliminates the fear of rips and tears. The waistband is equally flexible to accommodate your weapon and adjustable according to your ease and liking. The pockets are designed to facilitate professionals on the go. This single pair of pants has eight pockets including strap and slash seat pockets to provide you with any storage space and easy access.

There are magazine and cell pockets, two cargo pockets, and slash rear pockets so there’s hardly any chance you’ll run out of space. All this space, flexibility and comfort can be bought in just $50, unbelievable right? And this one also comes in several sizes and colors including khaki, stone, dark navy, battle brown, charcoal, coyote, green, tundra, black, and storm. That’s a lot of colors we must say and you can choose anyone you like, or get more than one if it suits you.

5.11 TACLITE PRO Tactical Pant

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