If you want some ways to carry your ammo and stuff, and if you are looking for ballistic protection, then this is your fashion of choice.

Tactical vests do not only look super cool, they are also extremely handy. It is like walking around with 10 pockets for quick access. And if you are concerned about your safety, and if metal is flying through the air, the armor plate carriers can be a real lifesaver.

So, looking at it, it becomes clear that tactical vests are more for keeping all the things you need readily available. Plate carriers on the other hand are primarily for protection by offering you pockets in which you can insert armor plates, hence the name plate carrier. They also offer the ability to configure them with pouches and panels, so that they also keep your things handy.

Often, tactical vests are preferred as they offer more mobility and come with less weight. This makes sense when you just go plinking. However, if you know you get yourself into serious trouble, you should be prepared to stop some lead coming your way. And what about training? If you do train in earnest, train as real as possible, so wear your plate carrier as well to get used to the feel.

1. Gloryfire Tactical Vest

In this setup, you get a pouch for maps and utilities, a main storage area with a zipper, and pouches for mags, shotgun shells, and even 40 mm rounds. This makes it as versatile as it can get. And the best is, you get it at a great price. It can be used as a stand alone or over a plate carrier. This combination makes it popular with professionals and civilians alike.

Gloryfire Tactical Vest

2. Gloryfire Tactical Plate Carrier

The Tactical Plate Carrier of Gloryfire comes with shoulder pads that are anti-slip padded. It has an emergency drag handle and a hook and loop wedding for modular attachments. On the front, there is a map pocket that can be closed with a snap, hook and loop system. Furthermore, it has side release buckles for the shoulders and an internal waist strap.

Gloryfire Tactical Plate Carrier

3. Condor Modular Chest Set

Condor is a popular brand when it comes to tactical vests and the reason for that is simple: They just fit. With their system of multiple spacing and tightening points you can just adjust it to your body. This makes it comfortable to wear and easy to carry some weight around.

Furthermore, the set comes with inner padding and mesh so that you don`t rub spots or sore points even when carrying a lot of weight. This is especially helpful in hotter or more humid environments.

It also comes with a bladder sleeve so that you can fit a water bladder instead of carrying an extra water pack around. This lightens your felt load and gives you a better weight distribution, so that you can carry heavy loads around much longer.

Condor Modular Chest Set

4. Condor Recon Chest Rig

The Condor Recon Chest Rig is nicknamed the battle bra thanks to its design and the way it is pulled over the head in order to put it on. In front, there are rows of magazine holders that are fixed with molle spacing on the sides. On the shoulder straps, you find functional molle as well for pouches, for example for small radios or additional magazines.

The Condor Recon is also very popular especially for training. It is easy to put on and you can put alle the right stuff on it you need. You can even add pouches on the sides to add to the magazines in front.

Furthermore, this rig comes with a high quality while being affordable at the same time. However, the 6 magazine pouches in front are fixed what limits the possible customizations.

Condor Recon Chest Rig

5. Condor MCR6-002 Tactical and Duty

The Condor MCR6-002 us a vest with the rapid assault of rifle men in mind. It is perfect for carrying the bare minimum with as little bulk as possible. It is also a very budget friendly option.

It comes with 6 pouches for M4 magazines that are open top so that they are readily available. Swivel locks are used to keep them in place. In front of the magazine pouches as well as on the should straps you find molle that allows you to add more pouches as needed. This gives you some options for customization.

The straps can be adjusted to the size of most people except for those who are rather small. However, if they fit something below, like body armor, they can use it as well. The cross strapping makes it comfortable to wear in any case and it supports you well even when you do an obstacle course.

Condor MCR6-002 Tactical and Duty

6. 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier Vest

5.11 has built itself a great reputation. This makes it no surprise that the TacTec Plate Carrier is top of the line. It is light, it fits you and it uses 500D nylon that is abrasion resistant. Also, it comes with a coating that is water-resistant and airflow panels. No matter where you are, with this plate carrier you get through it.

5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier Vest

7. Yakeda Tactical Vest

The Yakeda Tactical Vest is a budget option. Still, it is fully customizable and you can also adjust its position on your body. Wearing a battle belt together with this vest is no problem.

The vest uses a 3D meshing system that is usually found in plate carriers. That gives you a great airflow and keeps your body temperature down.

All the pouches on it can be removed and reattached where it fits your need. This allows you to choose the pouches for your goals, for example for navigation, for hunting or just for some handyman work. And of course you can always add more if you carry more stuff.

Yakeda Tactical Vest

8. Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier

The jumpable plate carrier, or JPC, of Crye Precision is widely regarded as one of if not the best body armor. It is light and gives you a lot of mobility. Special forces swear by it. It contains 3 built in pouches for magazines on the front and another pouch for all the utility things you need.

A padded ventilation system brings you the airflow you need especially when you use armor plates with full weight. The shoulder straps are anti-slip and adjustable, and they distribute the load very well. It is easy to put on and easy to take off. Velcro pads allow the whole system to be configured to the body and the clothes you were underneath.

Crye Precision Jumpable Plate Carrier

9. Haley Strategic Partners D3CRX Chest Rig

The Haley Strategic Partners D3CRX Chest Rig is a rather fixed system. You are able to add some pouches, but they way it comes is the way it stays apart from add-ons. On the upside, the layout it comes with is rather functional. It has for holders for m4 magazines and 4 more for pistol magazines. There are two more pouches for administrative things for all your tactical gear.

This rig does come at a higher price, but you do not get a bare system for which you need to buy extra pouches. Instead, you get a fully functional setup right from the beginning. Apart from the usability as a stand alone system, it does fit rather well over a plate carrier. It can be Velcro attached, so that it is very popular with special forces.

Haley Strategic Partners D3CRX Chest Rig

10. vAv YAKEDA Tactical CS Adjustable Vest and Plate Carrier

This plate carrier is a very good option for budget minded buyers. It is also more a plate carrier than being a tactical vest, but you still get three pouches for magazines that can be removed. It is built more for an urban law enforcement environment than military application. The former needs a limited amount of tactical gear and ammo, while in the latter, you need to be able to schlepp around a lot of equipment for prolonged period of times and have it handy when push comes to shove. To make it more functional, you might want to wear this system in conjunction with a battle belt to have space for all the things you might need.

vAv YAKEDA Tactical CS Adjustable Vest and Plate Carrier

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