Every pistol from the Wilson Combat series is an excellent choice for virtually every category, be it concealed carry, self-defense, or competition. They come with a wide selection of utilities, which allows them to be versatile enough to suit many shooting needs. With this in mind, I would like to introduce eight pistols from Wilson Combat today.

1. X-TAC Elite Carry Comp

Here, you get to pick between 9mm and .45 ACP as well as compact or professional size. The design of the compensator also reduces the muzzle flip and perceived recoil of this pistol. The best part is that there are no joints or threads to work with, so using it should be a breeze. Another notable feature is the X-TAC tread pattern which is known for its solid traction and comfort, especially if you are burning through a lot of rounds in a single session.

2. Wilson Combat Sig Sauer P320 Carry

If you are looking for a compact striker-fired handgun for concealed carry, then look no further. It features the Carry-2 grip module that comes with a three-slot rail and excellent traction, better aiming, smoother reloading action, and flawless recoil control during shooting. All of this makes the gun even more versatile and comfortable to use. The slide itself uses the Wilson Combat X-TAC pattern so you can rack it easily even under high stress. The serrations can be found on the front and rear of the slide and they also feature the Wilson Combat pattern.

Wilson Combat Sig Sauer P320 Carry

3. Experior Full-Size

The Experior full-size features Wilson Combat battle sights and the iconic 1911 extractor design to maintain the overall classic look without impacting the performance. The slide serrations also reflect that found on the old 1911 as well. Every Experior model comes with a brand-new TRAK grip texture that is an asymmetric and hybrid design. It features a flat-top checkering pattern that allows for a non-abrasive grip and it does not snag on your clothes. That means, the grip itself offers excellent comfort and improves recoil control to boot. If you go for the single-stack models, you also get WAVE frame rail clearance cuts that house lubrication, ensuring that the pistol cycles without a hitch even when caked with sand, dirt, and other particles. Did I also mention that you can get this in either 9 mm or .45 ACP?

Experior Full-Size

4. SFX9 HC 3.25-inch Solid Frame X-TAC

This is a performance-focused design in the entirety of the X9 lineup. It is a subcompact double-stack 9 mm gun that comes with a solid frame and aluminum grip frame design. Although the frame of the SFX9 is aluminum, that does not mean it is heavy and uncomfortable. It is quite the opposite. It is quite lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable. You can carry it around with you without any hassle. The solid frame also improves grip which helps you control recoil if you need to put down multiple shots in rapid succession. The gun itself is quite flat and slim, making it a perfect option for concealed carry. You can get it with an accessory rail and you can choose from a generous selection of finishes, triggers, and sights.

SFX9 HC 3.25-inch Solid Frame X-TAC

5. Wilson Combat EDC X9L

Wilson Combat came out with their groundbreaking EDC X9 which redefined defensive shooting. The X9L, as you can probably guess, is basically the X9 with a longer barrel. The X9L comes with a 5-inch barrel and a longer slide for those who prefer the X9 with a longer sight radius. It is also designed for recreational shooting in mind as well.

What you get is a mix of ergonomics, trigger pull, and accuracy you could expect from a 1911. As a bonus, you also get more shot capacity in the mag and a better, more reliable performance. You also get an extended sight radius that matches any standard 1911. Other than that, you have 15 rounds in the magazine as well as an optional aluminum mag well that ensures a smooth reload action even when under stress.

Wilson Combat EDC X9L

6. Wilson Combat-Beretta Brigadier Tactical 92

This is a bit mouthful, I understand. What makes the Tactical 92 special is its Vertec-grip frame conversion. What it does is reduce the size of the frame, making it a perfect option for those with small hands or those who enjoy the classic 1911-style grips. Other than the grip frame, you also get the Black Cherry G-10 grip that is so resilient that it doubles as a blunt weapon if you are desperate enough. You also get a checkered backstrap and a matte Black Armor Tuff frame finish. For optics, you get a Trijicon Tritium Dovetail Front Sight as well as a Wilson Combat Rear U-Notch Battlesight. You have 15 9mm rounds in the mag that are fired through the 4.7-inch barrel.


7. Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite

If you like the Wilson Combat CQB pistol, you will love the X-TAC Elite. It has the same innards, meaning that you would also get the same accuracy, reliability, and build quality as you would find in the CQB model. To sweeten the deal, you can customize your pistol even further. Your options include, but not limited to, concealment hammer, grip safety, and enhanced reload. To top it off, you get serration at the front and back of the slide as well.

Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite

8. Wilson Combat ACP Compact 1911

Last on our list is the ACP Compact 1911. As it is a Wilson Combat gun, you get a whole host of premium components. You can get it in three sizes: full-size at 5 inches, Commander at 4.25 inches, and Compact at four inches. It can be either be chambered in .45 Auto or 9 mm. The slide is made with carbon steel and is married with a frame of the same material. The whole build gets a black Armor-Tuff finish, which makes it even more durable.

Features that stand out to me include Wilson’s High-Grip Bullet Proof beavertail grip safety, Bullet Proof mag release, Tactical Bulletproof thumb safety, and the Eagle Claw grip design. The texture offers excellent traction which can also be found on the slide. The serration is not so aggressive to the point that it is uncomfortable. Wilson Combat managed to strike that perfect balance between excellent grip even with gloved hands and comfort with bare hands. On top of all this, there are other customizations you can choose from including different grips, sights, and finishes.


And there you have it, folks. These are my top eight picks for the best Wilson Combat pistols. I know, it pains me that I only have to pick only eight of them since all Wilson Combat pistols are excellent. But if you happen to own any pistol from the manufacturer, let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear how the pistol has been working out for you so far.

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