We won’t do a review but instead take a look at Marlin Firearms that seem to be making a comeback. If you like lever action guns then you know the name Marlin and you’ll be pleased to know that this manufacturer might soon be back in the game.

The parent company of Marlin was in financial trouble. This led to Marlin itself ceasing the production of rifles in August 2020. What looked like the end of this great company might have instead been a new chance. Ruger bought it for a little over $28 million in September 2020. This saved Marlin from the bankruptcy of Remington Outdoor’s scale.

Ruger itself is known as an industry leader thanks to its innovative and quality firearms. This is promising for Marlin and its rifles. There is not much known yet about what’s coming down the pike, but rumor has it that new guns will start shipping this year.

The best part about all this is that Marlin, even after being acquired by Ruger, remains the same: An American Company that builds their own rifles locally, and not importing them from some far away country. That is important to a lot of users, as it will boost demand greatly once Marlin rifles are available again.

Now, you might say that lever action rifles are outdated, so who cares about that comeback. However, you may be confusing the terms proven and outdated. Just because the design is older than the AR15 and goes way back the 1800s does not mean that it has no merits. On the contrary, the platform has a lot of advantages from the cartridge typically used in lever-action rifles to the their reliability, ease of use, and ease of maintenance, all of which have been proven time and again.

Are those all the advantages, , you might ask? No, that is not all. In addition to everything I just mentioned, a lever action rifle lends itself well to top loading, has no detachable magazine, and is nothing like a semi- or even a fully-automatic rifle. Put simply, you can treat it a shotgun. You can reload ammo one by one while still having the ability to shoot again. In this sense, the number of shots you can fire isn’t really limited by the capacity of the tubular magazine, it’s only limited by how quickly you can stick a new cartridge in that magazine because it isnot detachable. And God forbid, if there’s ever going to be an assault weapons ban, we’ll still have our lever action rifles because no anti-gun liberal bothered to included them on the list Of course there’s always a chance they’ll go after our lever action rifles, but that probably won’t happen in the next 10 years.

Let’s take a look at the cartridges. Like other rifles, Marlin offers a wide selection that varies greatly as far as muzzle energy and stopping power.  from a varmint rifle chambered in the lowly .22LR (22 Long Rifle) to something that is more commonly referred to as an elephant gun, a big bore rifle chambered in .45-70 Gov’t. Marlin has something for everyone, you can get one chambered in a a very light round for beginners  or a hard hitting  round if you’re going after big game.

. But wait, there’s more! As far as variety, you’re not stuck with just the two cartridges I mentioned. . Marling has rifles chambered in .357 Magnum that will shoot both the good old .357 Magnumas well as the .38 Special and the .38 Special +P. This rifle alone already allows you to shoot three different types of ammo which makes it highly versatile . And while an AR15 depends on recoil to cycle the action, a lever action rifle’s action depends on how fast the shooter can actuate the lever. This allows you to go with very light plinking loads up to real hard hitting big bore magnum rifle rounds. This does not only hold true for Marlin rifles chambered in .357 Magnum, the same is true for Marlin rifles chambered in other calibers as well, like the .44 Magnum.

The action in lever guns, especially Marlins, run smoothly. With a little bit of training, you can shoot and cycle your rifle pretty fast and bring down a lot of firepower on a given target. This makes them good self-defense and home defense guns. Chambered in a revolver cartridge, you can also pair it with a wheelgun and stock up on one caliber alone.

Taking the .357 Magnum again as an example, it packs quite a punch. Out of a 6-inch revolver, it will easily outclass a 9 mm round out of a pistol caliber carbine. Shot out of a lever action rifle or carbine, it can go faster than 2000 feet per second and punch upwards of 1300 foot pounds of energy, depending on the bullet weight, load, and barrel length.

Especially as a carbine, these lever action rifles are light, short, easy to handle and maneuver and can do some real damage. This all is even more true with a .45-70, but in that case, you lose the advantage of the same caliber in your sidearm that is as long as you are not willing to carry a Magnum Research BFR chambered in .45-70, which is a beast of a revolver.

Marlins have been popular as guide gun models in .45-70 in bear country, like Alaska and the Rocky Mountain States. There is not much left that can top the punch of this round. It will definitely stop a charging bear in its tracks.

While the popularity of lever action rifles when it comes to hunting has waned a little bit, they are still in the game and going strong. That is not only because of their practical use which they have thanks to the variety and punch of their rounds, but also the history they stand for. Let’s face it, the lever action rifles paired with a revolver in the same caliber have conquered the west. Going hunting nowadays with such a rifle, even without the revolver, puts you back in this time.

We all can feel it, as we have grown up with cowboy movies and John Wayne. Then it was a dream, but now we can have our own lever action rifle. With our modern technology, the guns can take much stronger rounds which the same technology is able to deliver. The power of these rounds have far surpassed that of the old days so it is no problem to go after even big game with them.

There is also a whole world of nostalgia built around them, the world of Cowboy Action Shooting. It started in the late eighties and brought the lever action again into the focus of the shooting community. Every weekend, lever action rifles are used to relive the Wild West showing their true potential. It is fascinating to watch them and see them hammering 10 rounds of .38 Special on target before the first empty cartridge touches the ground.

The aspect of the gun conquering the Wild West has lent lever action rifles for yet another use and that is as a survival gun for SHTF. Be it a complete breakdown of the economy or society or just your personal out of the ordinary situation in which you have to survive. For hunting or defense against 4 or 2 legged predators in such times, the lever action gun has been done all already once in the Wild West. It can do it again and be again paired with a revolver in the same caliber to get the most out of its cartridge. With the variety that revolver cartridges offer, you have a good chance to find ammo to feed your guns, and their punch and accuracy is nothing to be trifled with.

Coming back to Marlin rifles, it is important to note, that these are not just any lever action rifles made by a new manufacturer copying an old system. Instead, the company was founded by John Mahlon Marlin who was born in 1836. He became an apprentice in a machinist program with American Machine Works. After that, it is said he worked for Colt as a machinist and also a tool maker.

From 1863 on Marlin made tiny pistols that were easy to conceal and meant to be used especially by women to protect themselves in those dangerous times. In 1870, he began his work with rifles, in this case, the Ballard single shot rifles. From there, he made his way into repeating rifles with his first Model 1881. This was a powerful gun chambered in .45-70.

Soon followed the Model 1884. The patent to this gun was held by Lewis Lobdell Hepburn who was with Remington. After the bankruptcy of Remington, Hepburn took the Model 1884 to Marlin. Also, he had patents for 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, and 1893. Then there were the 1894 and 1895, both of which were in production until the year 2020. Since the Model 1889, Marlin rifles had a side ejection port, what developed into a symbol for them. There were a lot of other patents for firearms, but those are the most important.

After a long history, in which Marlin also ventured into the business of handguns, shotguns, and bolt action rifles, its biggest seller were the lever action rifles. The new chance with Ruger might make it possible to soon have these beautiful guns again on the shelves to be bought new for hunting, self-defense, or home-defense. In today’s time, it is not only a classic firearm but also a bit of safety and protection that you get with one of these beauties.

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