There are many good reasons to get into surplus firearms. They are accurate, have a lot of firepower, and have proven themselves. Also and most importantly, they are much cheaper than other firearms. Granted, you can get some really bad guns that have been worn to death, but chances are, that you get something that is still in good condition and functioning well. Also, you can invest in them as they do usually increase in their value.

If your reason for getting into surplus firearms is the savings you can make, then you get here some of the most affordable models out there. All of them should be below $300 if you buy them in good condition, means shootable, and not necessarily premium as those might cost more.

6. Star A/B Series

The Star A Series of pistols are inspired by the 1911 design, and the B Series is an upgrade made over the years. These guns do look and feel like an original 1911, but they are not chambered in .45 ACP. Instead, they came in 9mm Largo for the Spanish market, and 7.63 Mauser for export. You can also find some in 9mm Luger. They do not come with a grip safety.

Shooting in single action only, there is a thumb safety similar to a 1911. If you like 1911s, you will have no problem to get used to this gun. The ergonomics are almost exactly the same.

There is a smaller variant, the Star Model BM, that is easier to carry. It is chambered in 9×19 and has a capacity of 8+1 round. The barrel has a length of 3.9 inches and the pistol of 7.17 inches overall. Their price is in the range of $250. The full-size models slowly climb over $300 in their value.

5. CZ Model 52

The CZ Model 52 comes with a barrel length of 4.7 inches. It is chambered for 7.62x25mm Tokarev, and has a capacity of 8+1 rounds. Be careful when it comes to this gun as there is also a rifle model 52, but here, we talk about the pistol Model 52.

This handgun was in production only from 1952-1954. In this time, 200,000 of them were made, but they did stay in service with the Czech military for 30 Years. For its chambering and capacity, this is a very large handgun. However, it takes the higher pressure of the cartridge very well what makes it a pleasure to shoot.

It is designed as a single action only. On the left side of the gun, there is a thumb safety. When it comes to practical use, its size and heft put some limits on it. Of course, you can keep it as a home-defense gun or as a collectible. Also, you might use it as a truck or backpack gun. However, when it comes to every day carry, the weight might deter you, and for concealed carry, you would need a long coat.

While the magazine capacity is limited as well, the very hot loaded and very fast 7.62x25mm round is no slouch. It does bring an interesting performance when it hits. If you look hard enough, you can find one for about $300. However, they do increase in value steadily, so that most of the more shootable ones cost some $350.

4. CZ Model 70

The CZ Model 70 is a product of the cold war ad follows in its style and appearance the Makarov pistol of the eastern bloc. It is chambered in .32 ACP and comes with a straight blowback fixed barrel design. It typically ships with 1 magazine with a capacity of 8 rounds. The barrel length is 3.78 inches. If you hear it called VZ 70, that is no mistake. VZ stands for Vzor what just means model. It is based on the Walther PP and PPK from WWII.

The Model 70 is an update of the Model 50. It shoots both, double and single action. There is a thumb safety on the left-hand side of the gun. The frame is an all-metal construction making this gun very sturdy and durable.

The .32 ACP ammo is harder to find and has less power than .380 or 9mm. However, coupled with the steel frame, you will have no problem controlling the gun while firing making it easy to achieve good accuracy. As a self-defense gun, for example for concealed carry, that is good, as you can be on target even with little training. On the flip side, you might have to shoot an attacker multiple times in order to neutralize the threat. Also, this whole package sets you back less than $250.

This gun makes a great carry piece or a collectible. Also, it serves well as a backup or backpack gun. Just keep in mind to get enough ammo before you run out as it might take some time before you find more. Also, if you do look for a Walther PPK clone, this will come the closest when it comes to ergonomics and feel.

3. FEG PA63

This pistol looks similar to the Walther PP and PPK that were produced in Germany during WWII. It comes with a fixed barrel and a straight blowback design. It offers a variety of chambering. The most common is the 9x18mm Makarov. However, there are also versions in .32 ACP and .380 ACP. The magazine capacity is 7 rounds for all of these different chamberings.

This is a gun from the cold war era as it came out in the 1960s. Often, this pistol is thrown in with the Makarov family of guns while it is actually its own design. It comes with a good fit and handling making it a desirable handgun for different uses. This means also, that the value of these guns will increase over the years making it a good investment.

If you find one of these on the market that is in good conditions, you have to pay some $250 for it. Good news it, they are not that hard to find. They have been imported for quite some time so that there is a number of them available in the US. In theory, you should be able to find them at any gun show or in any gun shop.

Being made from an aluminum alloy, they were never meant to be overused. That means, chances are good that you do not only find one, but also one in a rather good condition. They shoot pretty well, so they make a good defensive firearm besides also being a collectible. The ammo is not that hard to come by, but spare magazines do cost more. The usually are about $40 a pop, but if you look around long enough, you might find something for a better price.

2. Zastava Model 70

The Model 70 comes originally from Yugoslavia and was made by Zastava. It is a pistol chambered in .32-caliber, and it features a magazine disconnect. The name suggests it already, this is a gun from the 1970s. It was used for police and the military in Yugoslavia.

Its design is based on the full size Zastava M57 which was a licensed copy of the Soviet TT pistol which was chambered for the 7.62x25mm Tokarev. The Model 70, however, is chambered for .32 ACP, also called 7.65 mm Browning. You can get it also in 9mm Kratak, which is just .380 ACP.

It comes with a straight blowback action. You can get them on the surplus market for $200-$280. A lot of those have been converted for target purposes. For that, they do come with raised sights and a wedge crafted on the left grip panel. Of course, these things can be removed again and be replaced with normal military components. Also, if you find an earlier import, they come with the original sights and grips.

What can you do with it if you have one? Their size makes them great for concealed carry. Also, they are good as a backup or even truck gun. Of course, house defense is also an option, and you can just keep one of them as a collectible. The magazine capacity of 8+1 for the .32 ACP version and 7+1 for the .380 version is decent for these uses. Also, the single stack magazines make for a slim gun that is easier to conceal.

Being single-action, they do appeal to shooters who are into 1911-style pistols. Also, their rather weak caliber makes them great on the range as you do not have to content with a lot of recoil. If you have one in .32 automatic, you might be hard pressed to find ammunition, but there are also stocks on the surplus market.

1. Italian Carcano Rifle

The Carcano is a bolt-action rifle with an integral magazine holding 6 rounds. It is loaded using en-bloc clips. Chambered in 6.5×52 Carcano, you get acceptable accuracy all the way to 1000 yards. There different variants available. It can be found from $100-$300. When it is imported, it does come in big numbers making it very cheap. Then, the supply dries out and the price goes up until a new batch arrives. So, when you see it for a high price, weight for a new round and get it at a bargain.

The ammo is not easy to find, but here the same, it gets important in batches. When it comes, order a big amount of it including clips, and you are safe for a while. Giving this cycle of ups and downs, you can by and sell these rifles several times and every time make a profit. Keep one or a few for yourself, and you have some fun on the range.

Italian Carcano Rifle

There you have it guys, some surplus firearms that can still be found at a decent price. If you know of another one that should be on the list, sound it off in the comments and tell us about its features and history.

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