One of the most exciting additions to 2023 is the 7mm PRC, or Precision Rifle Cartridge. The 375 Ruger cartridge gave birth to the 7mm PRC, which is designed to have some of the best extended range capabilities.

Its high ballistic coefficient makes it an efficient precision cartridge over long distances. The laser like trajectory will drop less than 20 inches at 400 yards and still shoot well over 1 mile.

More gunpowder can be packed into the cartridge thanks to a bigger shell diameter. With all this extra power, a 180 grain round can be fired at an incredible 2950 feet per second.

The 7mm PRC’s high twist rate and fast speeds give it an unbelievable resistance to wind deflection while still packing a punch over long distances. It may be a while before the 7mm PRC becomes widely accepted and commonly available. Judging by its performance so far, there is no reason why it shouldn’t.

For the time being, we can drool over the rifles due for release in the new chambering. Some of these options are already available in many other calibers, so it will be exciting to put their performance to good use with the 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge.

9: Gunwerks Nexus

Since their inception, Gunwerks has been advancing the long range precision rifle game. So it is no wonder that they would jump on the 7mm PRC bandwagon. They do so with class, style, and elegance in the form of the Gunwerks Nexus.

The Nexus is a combination of luxury styling and high performance features. Gunwerks has developed a precision rifle that has the feel of a Ferrari but handles like a 4 wheel drive in the backcountry. The carbon fiber stock is equipped with some smart features that make it a dream to hold, shoot, and carry. 

The grip is more vertical with a deeper thumb shelf, resulting in a perfect fit. On top of that, the grip and cheek rest are styled with genuine leather. This contrasts beautifully with the carbon stock and is sure to maintain comfort on those long trips through the mountains.

Gunwerks Nexus

The 7-pound weight will handle the recoil of the 7mm round well, but you can see efforts have been made to chop off weight where they can. The action is milled from a solid billet of 7075 aluminum, and the stainless steel barrel is wrapped in carbon fiber. A key feature on the Nexus is the user changeable barrels. If you don’t like the 20 or 24 inch barrel available with the gun, just swap it out.

8: Seekins Precision Havak Element

Seekins is by no means a cheap rifle, but it performs at a level that justifies the price. The semi custom job takes full advantage of the 7mm, and it does so at a weight of 6 pounds. 

This weight is for the long action models; the short action comes in at a mere 5.5 pounds. To achieve this, deep spiral fluting was added to the match grade 5R barrel. Not only does this cut weight, but it also aids in cooling and looks awesome. The barrel is threaded for a silencer or muzzle break, which I would highly recommend for better recoil control. 

I was surprised it handled the 7mm round so well. This is aided by a Timney 510 trigger. The light trigger breaks cleanly and can be adjusted from 2.5-5 pounds. The carbon composite stock also shoulders firmly to give you that “one with the gun” feeling.

Seekins Precision Havak Element

You can expect some tight accuracy from the Havak Element. An integrated recoil lug, bubble level, and 20 MOA rail all ensure you consistently hit where you are aiming. Seekins has really crafted a solid, long range precision rifle worthy of the price.

7: Allterra Arms Mountain Shadow Steel

The fine craftsmen at Allterra Arms know how to build a custom rifle. Their rifles are not just made from good barrels, stocks, and triggers from other vendors. They might source barrels from outside dealers, but everything else is built in house, from the action to the stock.

This leads to a top notch mountain hunting rifle that truly feels like a custom job. They deliver excellent accuracy and performance, but it comes at a price. The Shadow Steel is the basic model, which starts at around $5000. The 6.5-pound rifle includes a match grade fluted barrel, a Carbon Hunter ultralight stock, and a beautiful trigger made by TriggerTech. These features come together to create an unbelievably crisp shooting experience. The exquisite fit and feel of the Mountain Shadow Steel is made possible by CNC machined parts and an ergonomic design. The gun may look basic, but you can see that the attention to detail puts it in a class of its own. 

Allterra Arms Mountain Shadow Steel

6: Savage Model 110 Ultralite

Savage teamed up with Proof Research to bring us a flawlessly accurate mountain hunting rifle. The original Model 110 was a great gun, but a beefy receiver made it a bitch to carry.

Savage sought to improve this design, and improve it they did! The Model 110 Ultralite is aptly named since they managed to from the original design. They did this with a lightweight stainless steel receiver with a melonite finish for extra durability. The stainless steel barrel is also carbon fiber wrapped and made by Proof Research. 

Firing from this 22-inch barrel is almost a guarantee for a bullseye, so long as your aim is good. An AccuFit stock and Accutrigger make the 110 Ultralite an awesome gun to shoot. The ability to adjust the stock gives you the perfect fit, and the double safety on the trigger means you will only shoot when you really intend to. The trigger is adjustable and breaks perfectly.

The soft touch comb surface also ensures your face won’t get battered from recoil. This is a whole lot of rifle, and it only costs $1500. With how it performs, that’s almost a steal.

5: Proof Research Ascension High Country Hunter

If other companies use your barrels for their guns, you know they’re top notch. Proof research doesn’t just supply barrels; they build rifles around them too.

The Proof Research Ascension High Country Hunter is proof that they know what they are doing when it comes to building a complete rifle. This ultra accurate, ultralight, and durable rifle shows fine attention to detail and an understanding of the necessary tools for mountain hunting. It weighs between 5 and 6 pounds, depending on the size of barrel you prefer and any other customization you want.

Barrels range from 20–26 inches, so short action or long, Proof research has you covered. The right hand Zermatt made titanium action keeps the gun lightweight, while the ball handle bolt makes it easy to cycle through each shot. It includes a carbon fiber wrapped stainless steel barrel as well as a carbon fiber stock, both made by Proof Research themselves.

Proof Research Ascension High Country Hunter

The custom bedding allows for extreme levels of accuracy, boasting a sub half MOA accuracy guarantee. These accurate shots are made possible with the help of the TriggerTech trigger. I love the simplistic design of the High Country Hunter. It has a custom feel but doesn’t overdo it with modern features.

4: Mossberg Patriot Predator in 7mm PRC

If you are looking to get into 7mm PRC shooting but don’t want to spend your life savings, this is the gun you should be looking at. The standard model goes for just over $500, making it, by far, the cheapest gun on this list.

Quite honestly, it is hard to justify ignoring one of these. Mossberg is a respected name in the industry, and the Patriot Predator shows they are looking out for their customers. The Predator includes a 24-inch carbon steel barrel that is free floating and threaded for a muzzle brake or a suppressor. The oversized bolt handle makes for an easy grip, and the full bolt is fluted to drop some extra pounds. The rifle also includes Mossberg’s adjustable Lightning Bolt Action trigger. This skeletonized trigger is wonderful to use with a crisp, predictable break. The mag holds three rounds plus one in the chamber.

Mossberg Patriot Predator in 7mm PRC

The synthetic stock is available in two styles and weighs up to 6.5 pounds all together. I find this is the perfect weight that can still handle recoil while not being too heavy for mountainous hunting trips. If you want a budget rifle that is accurate, dependable, and awesome to use, look no further than the Patriot Predator.

3: Ruger American with Go Wild Camo

The Ruger American looks exactly how you would expect a mountain hunting rifle to look, complete with a full camo design. The slim profile and ergonomic contours make it easy to carry and shoulder, while delivering the Ruger performance you’d expect.

The classic styling has been blended with modern features, like the forend contouring, synthetic stock, and deep grip serrations. it is lightweight, but not so much that the recoil throws you off. It weighs 6.6 pounds and includes a Cerakote burnt bronze barrel, offering good accuracy and durability. The threaded barrel features a factory installed muzzle break. 

There is also a soft rubber buttpad for maximum recoil protection. Another great feature is the ability to swap out your stock’s length of pull. Removing the rear sling swivel stud enables you to easily customize your stock module. The bolt body utilizes a double cocking cam system, meaning you can easily recycle the bolt without taking the gun out of your shoulder. This makes for some really fast follow up shots.

Ruger American with Go Wild Camo

An integral bedding block and free floating barrel further add credence to the Ruger American’s outstanding accuracy. If you have enjoyed Ruger rifles in the past, the American will certainly make you Go Wild. 

2: Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT Titanium in 7mm PRC

From not so humble beginnings in the aerospace industry, Christensen started making carbon fiber barrels in 1995, and it has only been uphill since then. Their dedication to high quality materials and precise manufacturing make the 7mm PRC offering all the more exciting. 

The Ridgeline FFT Titanium is a really beautiful rifle. At first glance, you might think it is a classic mountain shooter, but holding it reveals the finer details. From the side baffle titanium muzzle break, down the 22-inch carbon fiber barrel, to the foam core carbon fiber stock, this rifle is an absolute work of art. 

The carbon fiber stock is fused in a way that makes it look like plywood, paying homage to its roots. Beyond being pleasing to the eye, everything about the gun is comfortable to use. The slim stock shoulders perfectly and at just over 5 pounds, you could carry it to China and back. This is thanks to aluminum parts and an aluminum action. The action works precisely and includes a 90 degree bolt as well as a cerakote finish for smoother cycling and durability.

Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT Titanium in 7mm PRC

The Ridgeline FFT Titanium came out back in 2022 and we all loved it. Knowing the rifle, the efficient 7mm PRC round will be put to good use.

1: Fierce MTN Reaper in 7mm PRC

All the other rifles on this list combine classic styling with modern features. The Fierce Mountain Reaper is a contemporary take on what a mountain hunting rifle should be. From the barrel to the stock, the Reaper is kitted out with enough carbon fiber to build a bicycle.

Obviously, all this carbon fiber makes it superbly light. But it doesn’t stop there. The chassis is made from a magnesium alloy to keep it in the ultralight range. The short action version with an 18-inch barrel weighs 5.8 pounds, while the 24-inch long action weighs in at an impressive 6.6 pounds.

It might be heavier than some other guns on the list, but There is enough real estate for all the accessories you could imagine. The barrel is lined with stainless steel and wrapped in some more carbon fiber. The stock design also brilliantly mitigates recoil, as does the included NIX muzzle break. Everything is adjustable on the Reaper, from the cheek rest atop the folding stock to the light 1/3 pound trigger.

Fierce MTN Reaper in 7mm PRC

If you like a rock solid, modern platform that can adapt to any situation, the Fierce Mountain Reaper will be your best choice. It will weather any storm, hit any target, and get the job done consistently.

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