Are you on the fence as to how much minimum you should spend on your AR 15? If you are, maybe this topic can help you make a decision.

Whether you should buy a mid priced AR 15 within the $1500 range or a budget AR 15 would depend on your specific needs and preferences.

If you are someone who values precision and durability and you want an AR 15 that doesn’t need additional accessories, an AR 15 within the $1,500 range may be a better choice for you. These AR 15s offer more advanced features and better accuracy out of the box. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more basic AR 15 that gets the job done without breaking the bank, a budget AR 15 may be a better option. While they may not have all the bells and whistles of a higher end AR 15, they can still be reliable and accurate firearms at a more affordable price, and because they come in their basic configuration, you can slowly accessorize them as your budget allows.

The decision between a high end AR 15 and a budget AR 15 comes down to your individual needs and preferences. It may be helpful to research different models and read reviews to determine which AR 15 would best suit your needs and budget.

Hopefully, when you’re done reading this topic, you’ll be able to make a decision as to whether you should get a budget or a mid priced AR 15.

7: SIG M400 Tread

The M400 TREAD is an AR 15 made from aluminum that comes with an optics ready design, a 16-inch stainless steel barrel, and a handguard with M LOK slots for attaching accessories. It also has an easy to use trigger, ambidextrous controls which make it lefty friendly, and a Magpul   SL K 6 position telescoping stock. This rifle is chambered in .223 slash 5.56 NATO.

There are also a variety of accessories available for the M400 TREAD, including a handguard with M LOK slots that come in different lengths, a compensator to reduce recoil, and a charging handle made of strong aluminum. The gun also comes with a ROMEO5 optic that has ten different brightness settings, flip up iron sights, and a front sight adapter that can be adjusted for height. The gun can also be customized with different grips and a factory upgraded trigger.


The M400 Tread uses AR 15 magazines and has a barrel length of 16 inches. It is 7and a half inches tall, 30.8 inches long, and 2and a half inches wide. It weighs 7 pounds and has a twist rate of 1 in 8 inches. The rifle operates using a direct impingement system. If you’re interested, it has an MSRP of $1,329.99.

6: Colt LE6920

The Colt LE6920 is a highly versatile and reliable AR 15 style rifle that has been used by law enforcement, military personnel, and civilian shooters alike. It is a semi automatic, gas operated rifle with a direct impingement system, meaning that the gas is tapped directly from the barrel to drive the bolt carrier group. This rifle is capable of firing both 5.56 and .223, making it a great choice for those looking for a rifle that can be used for multiple applications.

The LE6920 has a 16.1-inch chrome lined barrel with a 1 in 7 twist ratio that is capable of accurately shooting both .223 and 5.56 rounds. It also features a standard 4 position, adjustable buttstock and receiver extension, allowing the shooter to find the most comfortable and accurate shooting position. The rifle also has a flat top upper receiver with a Picatinny rail for mounting various optics, sights, and accessories.


The LE6920 boasts a feature that is uncommon in many modern ARs, which is the presence of double heat shields beneath the M4 hand guards. While this may not seem like a noteworthy attribute when examining the firearm on display, its value becomes apparent after firing multiple magazines in rapid succession. 

The Colt LE6920 comes with a single PMAG 30 round mag. With an MSRP of $1,396.03, you get a reliable and highly accurate rifle that is well suited for a variety of tasks. Its combination of features makes it a great choice for law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters.

5: Ruger AR 556

The Ruger AR 556 MPR Semi Auto Rifle features a direct impingement and rifle length gas system. The lower receiver is equipped with a B5 Systems Type P23 pistol grip and Bravo collapsible buttstock mounted on a Mil Spec buffer tube. 

Both upper and lower receivers are made of 7075 T6 aluminum forgings and are CNC machined for maximum durability, then Type III hard coat anodized. The rifle also features a 15-inch free float, M LOK handguard with attachment slots at the 3 o’ clock, 6 o’ clock, and 9 o’ clock positions. 

Additionally, a continuous Picatinny rail interface is provided by the flat top, railed upper receiver. The upper receiver also comes with a dust cover, forward assist, and brass deflector. To maximize accuracy, the rifle features a cold hammer forged 4140 chrome moly steel barrel with a black Nitride finish, M4 feed ramp, and a 1 in 8 inch rifling twist rate. 


The Ruger Elite 452 2 stage, AR Trigger provides a smooth, crisp break at approximately four and a half pounds. Additionally, the bolt carrier and gas key have chrome plated inside diameters to resist hot gases, and the gas key is staked securely to prevent loosening during use. 

It comes with a 30 round Magpul PMAG detachable box magazine and has a radial port flash suppressor attached to the barrel with a one half by 28 thread. All these features on a rifle built by a reputable firearms builder make the Ruger AR 556 one of the best bang for buck rifles on the market with its $1,309 MSRP.

4: Aero Precision M4E1 

The Aero Precision M4E1 is constructed on the highly acclaimed Enhanced Series Upper Receiver. This incorporates a bespoke unified upper receiver and handguard platform that offers the shooter a lightweight, independent, inflexible structure, resulting in top notch performance and precision.

The 16-inch barrel is made of 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium with a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and a 1 in 7 Twist rate.  The upper has an M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, a Gen 2 Enhanced Series Handguard but you can choose the one you prefer, a Low Profile Gas Block and Mid Length Gas Tube gas system, an M16 Cut Bolt Carrier Group made of 8620 Steel, Phosphate Finished, Properly Staked, and has a Standard A2 Flash Hider Muzzle Device.

Aero Precision M4E1 

The lower includes a Gen 2 Lower Receiver with a flared magwell and tension screw, an Enhanced AR 15 Lower Parts Kit with a Billet Trigger Guard, a Standard Mil Spec AR 15 / M4 Buffer Kit, a Magpul STR Stock, a Magpul MOE Grip, and a Magpul 30 Round PMAG Magazine. 

With its MSRP of $1,049.99, the M4E1 is the most affordable AR 15 on this list.

3: FN 15 Tactical Carbine

The FN 15 Patrol Carbine M LOK is designed for law enforcement officers. It has a two piece handguard and a fixed front sight post, which is created to meet and exceed agency needs. This carbine is chambered in 5.56. It uses a battle proven design that offers high capacity and accuracy in every mission.

The carbine weighs six and a half pounds and has a barrel length of 16 inches, with an overall length ranging from 32-35.2 inches. It has a 30 round magazine capacity, and its barrel has a twist rate of 1 in 7 inches. The trigger pull ranges from 4 and a quarter to 7 and a quarter pounds.

The primary features of the carbine include a chrome lined barrel with a pinned fixed front sight gas block, an M16 style bolt carrier, and fixed front and metal fold down rear sights.

The upper and lower receivers of the carbine are made from 7075 T6 Aluminum forgings, and it has a hard coat anodized MIL STD 171. The barrel is button rifled with a 1 in 7-inch twist rate and is high pressure tested and MPI inspected and marked. It has a hard chrome plate chamber and bore with a Manganese Phosphate exterior. The stock is collapsible and has a 6 position with a sling mount.

The FN 15 Tactical uses a direct impingement operating system with a carbine length gas system. It has an M16 style bolt carrier with a staked gas key. The bolt is high pressure tested, MPI inspected, and marked. The carbine uses an H buffer for reduced felt recoil.


The controls of the carbine include a semi automatic mil spec style trigger, mil spec style selector, bolt catch, and magazine release. The magazine is made from aluminum with a low friction follower and has an AR style 30 round capacity. With an MSRP of $1,359.99, the FN 15 is another great AR 15 option from a reputable manufacturer.

2: Springfield Saint Edge

The Saint Edge rifle is an advanced type of AR that stands out among its competitors. It weighs only 6 pounds and 3 ounces, but it has powerful features such as a multi mode gas block that allows for maximum versatility and a free floating handguard for unparalleled accuracy. 

The Saint Edge is designed for superior performance, made with the highest quality components that are similar to those found in custom built ARs. It has a modular, match grade, short reset, and Melonite treated single stage trigger that ensures a trigger press with zero creep. Additionally, it has upgraded furniture, including a free float handguard, a Bravo Mod 2 pistol grip, and a six position Bravo Mod 0 SopMod butt stock.

The Saint Edge is built to last with a 7075 T6 machined billet lower receiver that has a flared magazine well for reloads, ambidextrous safety, an integrated QD sling attachment system, and an enlarged and flared trigger guard for use with gloved hands.

This rifle combines durability with attractive styling, and the proprietary high performance muzzle brake, adjustable pinned gas block, and many other features make it a premier quality firearm at a lower price than if you were to build it yourself. The slim profile barrel of the Saint Edge is lightweight and portable, yet reliable and accurate. 

The proprietary Springfield Armory Modular Match Short Reset Single Stage trigger is a state of the art firing control system, and the low profile gas block feeds a reliable mid length gas system that can be easily adjusted for optimal performance with different loads. The safety is ambidextrous and mirrored on both sides of the rifle.


With an MSRP of $1,379.00, the Saint Edge also includes a proprietary lightweight Springfield Armory Charging Handle as well as an Accu Tite Tension System, a setscrew that can be adjusted to ensure that there is absolutely no play between the upper and lower receivers, ensuring better accuracy. 

The forged Type III hard coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum upper receiver houses a premium M16 pattern bolt carrier group that is overbuilt and designed for long life and rugged use. This bolt carrier group has been shot peened and MPI tested for reliability, making it a part that you can always count on to perform.

1: Fostech Stryker With Echo II Trigger

The Fostech Stryker Tech 5.56 Nato AR 15 Rifle with Echo II Trigger is a lightweight and sleek rifle made by Fostech. It has an attractive black anodized finish and a newly designed FosTech Mach 2 black M Lok rail. The rifle has a 16-inch standard profile barrel, a Fostech black nitride bolt carrier group, and other unique and proprietary features. It also comes with an MFT Minimalist Stock, a Sabre Grip, and a factory pre installed FosTech Echo II Trigger.

The ECHO AR II Trigger is an ATF approved drop in trigger developed by Fostech to mimic a two round burst trigger, though its ECHO mode has unique characteristics that require some practice to use effectively. The device does offer a faster split time between rounds, but this improvement is only noticeable when firing at very close distances. Unfortunately, the semiautomatic mode of the Fostech trigger has a bit of creep, but just keep pulling it and it will break in real nice.

There are two other variants of the Stryker, one has the standard single stage trigger while the other has Fostech’s Echo Sport Trigger that provides the same pull and release firing functionality of the original Fostech Echo AR II Trigger, the only difference is the controls which have been modified a wee bit to eliminate the use of the 3rd safety selector position. 

Instead, a control paddle in front of the trigger guard moves side to side to select single fire or Echo firing modes. The Echo Sport Trigger allows the shooter to select from 3 different settings: Safe Mode, Semi Automatic Mode, and Echo Mode. Firearms installed with the Echo Trigger cannot be shipped to certain states.

Fostech Stryker With Echo II Trigger

The rifle is part of FosTech’s Stryker Tech Series AR Platform and has a base weight of 5.6 pounds when unloaded. It also includes a Fostech Strake Muzzle Device, flip up sights, and a 30 round mag, all for an MSRP of $1,399.99.

And that’s all I have for you in this topic. Admittedly, there are other AR 15s that deserve to be on this list. If you happen to own one of those, tell us how you like it by commenting down below.

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