We will discuss some very good options when it comes to truck guns or just a nice gun to keep in your trunk. It does not always have to be a truck.

No, of course, the first point some might make is that you already have a pistol so that there is no need for more weaponry in your car. OK, that is one way to see it. A more realistic way is that a pistol is better than a pointy stick but much worse than a rifle. Granted, it is small so you can conceal it easily, but then you use it only to get to something with more firepower.

What are your options for this something with more firepower? We can look at this in two ways. One is a truck or trunk gun as this offers you more space and easier concealment than let’s say the pocket of your jacket. Although, weight is not so much an issue there. Normally, wherever you go, you usually go by car. This means that your gun will be with you or relatively close to you all the time.

The other way to look at it is to look at the gun itself. As we have more space and the weight restraints are not that tight, we have some decent options. Best are shotguns and rifles.

Are there some other options? Yes, there are, but they do make less sense. You could, for example, choose simply a bigger handgun, but then we would return to the understanding that those are and stay sub-optimal. You might want to choose an oversized model, like a Desert Eagle or a Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum or a Magnum Research BFR in 45-70. Those are easier to conceal in a car than a full-sized rifle. However, while they do offer some advantage over a full-size pistol, they are still lacking when you compare them to a rifle.

Another alternative would be a hunting rifle, typically non-auto. Great, now you have a gun that is easier to explain to a police officer. From that point of view, it does make sense. However, trying to defend yourself from an attacker or a group of attackers, you might feel the disadvantage of a bolt action rather fast.

Lever action guns are another alternative. With some training, you can shoot them fairly accurately with very fast follow up shots. Problem is that they commonly use cartridges that are not that cheap to buy. This is especially true when we talk about stronger ones like 45-70. Training with them might hurt your shoulder as much as your bank account. Granted, there are less expensive rounds in .357 Magnum, but this begs the question why you take a lever-action with a rather limited capacity if you can get the same power level from the average AR15 platform.

Having narrowed the choices to shotguns and rifles, there is one last issue that needs to be addressed before we get to the guns themselves, and that is their storage. It is advisable to store them so that you can easily reach them but also as easily move them around inconspicuously. Also, a gun is only good if you have enough ammo, so you are not just dealing with the gun itself but a whole system.

There are several options of bags big enough to fit a shotgun or rifle. Also, the same bag can fit an LBE or a shooter ready bag complete with mags, shotgun shells, and whatever else you need to have with you in a confrontation.

1. Maverick 88

Let`s start with something simple but nevertheless impressive. This is the Maverick 88, the proof that a good gun does not have to cost much. This is a special advantage for a gun that you keep in your truck or car as those do get stolen from time to time, and in such a case, better lose a budget gun.

The Maverick 88 sets you back only $200-$250. It is not necessarily the same quality as the Mossberg 500. It is not as flawless and durable. However, for that price, you cannot complain, and it is a nice package that you get.

It comes with an 18.5 or 20-inch barrel and a capacity of 5 plus 1 round for the 18-inch and 7 plus 1 for the 20-inch variant. It has a pump action, so that it reliably feeds everything that fits into the chamber. You might want to avoid shells that are really high-powered as you would definitely feel the kick.

Mossberg Maverick 88

2. Benelli M4 Tactical

If budget is not your concern, go with a real tactical shotgun, the Benelli M4. Many police departments and the US Marines fell in love with it, and so will you once you try it out. It comes with a semi-automatic action and a capacity of 5 plus 1 round.

You can get it with a pistol grip and a collapsible stock or a fixed one if you like. The action soaks up some of the recoil and the gun itself is neither too heavy nor too complicated.

Benelli M4 Tactical

3. Mossberg 590a1 Tactical

If you want to go tactical, but maybe not necessarily as much as the Benelli M4 does, the Mossberg 590a1 is more for you. It passed the torture test of the military and evolved over time from the Mossberg 500 into the 590a1.

It has an overall length of 36 inches and can hold 8 plus 1 round for a total of 9 rounds. With a pump action and being as rugged as it can get, it will happily feed and shoot every ammo you put into it. It does weigh a little bit more than the 500 but it does not overwhelm you with its recoil.

Mossberg 590a1 Tactical

4. Remington 870 Tactical Express

Not everyone is a Mossberg fan, and there are alternatives. Not all cost as much as the Benelli. One of them is the good old Remington 870 Tactical Express that has proven itself time and again. It also is available with an 18.5 or 20-inch barrel and comes with a capacity of 7 plus 1 or 8 plus 1 round, depending on the barrel length.


5. Daniel Defense M4 V11 SLW

The Daniel Defense M4 V11 SLW is a rifle that comes with a high quality and a correspondingly low weight. Of course, that has its price, but if your budget allows it, you get a well balanced and highly maneuverable gun.

With only 6 pounds, you will have no problem carrying it around if your car stops in the middle of nowhere, and you have to find your way through the wilderness. With a capacity of 30 plus 1 round in 5.56 NATO and a high rate of fire, you really do not have to be shy if you encounter any problems on the way. And if the first 31 rounds don`t do the trick, reloads are fast and easy with this rifle.

Daniel Defense M4 V11 SLW

6. Colt AR15-A3

The Colt AR15-A3 is a tactical lightweight carbine. This means, it will not weigh you down too much if you have to walk a little bit around with it. Apart from that, there is the high quality of Colt, and this for a price below $900. This makes it one of the best options if you want to find the sweet spot between price and quality.

Also, you get it with 30 round magazines plus 1 round in the chamber. That does not only give you a lot of lead to send downrange at once but also allows for a speedy reload. You can put it together with a shooter ready bag into a big sports bag and are good to go.

Colt AR15-A3

7. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport

If you really want to go for an AR15 but do not have that much money to spend, go with the M&P 15. It is a very good AR for a very good price. It is lightweight and you can put any optics on it that you like. Thanks to the low price, you can spend more on ammo and training. Then, with the right optic and a fair number of full magazines, you can put it into the trunk of your car for the day that hopefully never comes.


8. Midwest Industries MI-GAU5A-P

Sometimes, even in a car, size can matter. Maybe your car is small. Maybe you want to conceal your weapon. Maybe you just want to keep more space for your groceries. In any case, you might want to consider a take down rifle. Now, you might think of the Ruger 22 Takedown, but to that, we will come later. We are still with AR15 style guns, and in that case, it is the MI-GAU5A-P. This is a clone of the Aircrew Self Defense Weapon of the US Air Force. The so-called Cry Havoc Quick Release Barrel system allows this rifle to be taken apart. Midwest Industries offers a clone of this Air Force Rifle as an AR Pistol for the civilian market.

This pistol can be loaded with the standard AR15 magazines with 20 and 30 rounds. The barrel can be de- and reattached in seconds. It is light and precise out to more than 200 yards. However, this comes at a price north of $1400.

Midwest Industries MI-GAU5A-P

9. Ruger 10/22 Takedown

If you need an even smaller and lighter gun, especially when you think of a survival situation and want to carry more ammo, a .22 rifle might be an option for you. Don`t get me wrong, this caliber is nothing I would recommend for self-defense. However, if pressed into this role, you might down an attacker hitting him in the right spot or with enough rounds. Apart from that, the 10/22 makes for a good survival rifle as neither it nor its ammo weigh a ton and you can hunt plenty of small game with it. Especially, when you have to drive long empty roads far away from civilization, it might suit you in case of an engine break-down. However, if you plan to defend yourself from predators, especially the two-legged kind, I would recommend something with more power.

It does not cost too much, being well below $500. Also, you can easily take it apart, which makes it easier to conceal and carry when you want no one to know that you are armed. It comes with rails, so that you have several options for optics if you feel the need for one. Also, you can have it suppressed what is a great advantage with .22 rounds as those are already pretty quiet to begin with.

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

10. Henry AR-7

If you go down the road of survival rifles, you might want to take the concept a little bit further and go for the Henry AR-7. It is also a .22 rifle, so that you are at a disadvantage when it comes to self-defense especially against humans. However, you do neither break your bank as it costs below $300 nor your back, as neither the gun nor the ammo weighs much.

The real advantage of the AR-7 is its packaging. You can take the gun apart and completely store it within the stock. That makes it look rather unorthodox when you see it like that. This might even mislead the one or the other onlooker. Also, with all parts in the stock, it does swim. If you have to cross a river, you do not have to worry about losing it.

It is a great gun for trekking through the wilderness to find your way back to civilization. Hunting small game is no problem as it is very precise. However, being attacked, it is not necessarily a go to gun but rather a last-ditch weapon. Be aware of that if you decide to take this option.


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