Are you looking for a pistol that can do all for you, from self-defense over home-defense all the way to hunting? Look no further, here are some of the best options available on the market.

10. Glock 19

Let’s face it, you cannot make a list about the best pistols of any kind, without also having a Glock in the mix. Here, it is the Glock 19 in 9mm as it is about do-all guns. The Glock 19 is small enough to be carried concealed but still big enough to give you a good feeling, firepower, accuracy, and of course capacity. You can use the magazines specifically made for it giving you a capacity of 15+1, or the magazines of the Glock 17 and of course a variety of other mags. You can get capacities of 33+1 with a really long stick mag or even 50+1 if you use a drum mag.

Apart from the capacity, what makes the Glocks, including the Glock 19, great, is their reliability and ergonomics. They just feel right in your hand and getting hits on the target is very easy. Thanks to the minimalistic controls, you get a clean look and a snag-free draw. Using it is stupidly simple, as you do not have to remember to disengage a thumb safety or get a perfect hold to disengage the grip safety. Load the magazine, rack the slide, point and pull the trigger. It cannot be simpler.


It comes with an accessory rail for lasers or lights, and it is ready to accept optics. It has proven itself time and again, including with different law enforcement agencies and militaries, so that you can trust your own life with it.

9.  FN FNX-45 Tactical

The FNX-45 Tactical comes with a polymer frame and a capacity of 15+1 rounds. Interesting enough, it manages to get this capacity with a big caliber, with .45 ACP. It comes with a threaded barrel and suppressor height Trijicon Night Sights. As .45 ACP is out of a handgun with standard loads usually subsonic, you get a really quiet gun using a suppressor on this beauty.

The capacity comes with a downside. As .45 ACP cannot be called small, you get a pretty big grip to make space for the magazine well. Some people might find it actually hard to get a good hold of this gun while shooting what is made worse by the recoil produced by the .45 ACP. It comes optics ready, and there is a rail in front of the trigger guard for some accessory.


8. The 1911

No list about do-all pistols would be complete without a 1911 on it. There is a ton of choices out there, and that alone is proof of how great this gun is. It has been around for 111 years, and keeps running and running. It is so popular that you get it in different sizes, from full size to micro, for example in the form of the Kimber Triari, and different calibers, including of course .45 ACP, but also 9mm.

What makes this gun so great? There is first and foremost its reliability. Maintain it regularly, and you can be sure that it goes bang when you pull that trigger. Put this together with the fact that it is a piece of history and comes in a great look, and you have an ideal cocktail for success on the handgun market.


Some might think that its weight makes it a little bit less desirable to carry, but it is exactly this weight that makes it fun to shoot. Weights soaks up recoil. Also, the single action trigger is much better than what you get for example in a striker fired pistol. When it comes to magazine capacity, it lacks a little bit, but you can still get a lot of firepower using the right caliber which would of course be the .45 ACP.

Also, do not forget the quality and craftsmanship you get with this gun. Being single stack, it is also slimmer than other pistols.

7. Smith & Wesson 686 Plus

The Smith & Wesson 686 is a revolver, so no autoloader. Some might say that revolver are not pistols, as pistols nowadays mostly refers to semi-automatics or even automatic guns. However, look back in the old days when there was nothing else, and a revolver was a perfectly normal pistol.

This revolver is chambered for 357 Magnum. As the plus variant of the 686, it has a capacity of 7 rounds. Thanks to its chambering and the characteristics of a revolver, it can also shoot .38 Special and .38 Special +P rounds. This gives you some great choices. You get a very strong round to defend yourself with, some lighter rounds for training or for family members who have problems with too much recoil, and you have it easier to find ammo if you are forced to wonder the wasteland after an apocalypse.

Choose a longer barrel if you want more power and accuracy or choose a 3-inch barrel if it is concealability that you want. As a revolver, it is very accurate from the beginning, and also very reliable. With the .357 Magnum, you even get the same power level as a 9mm shot out of a pistol caliber carbine with a 16-inch barrel, making this do-all handgun into a veritable survival gun that can really do all when called upon.


Buying this great gun might cost you a little bit more, but keep in mind that revolvers last you a very long time. They just keep running, so that it is a great investment. That holds especially true for home-defense guns that once loaded, are put into the gun save or nightstand and still go bang after years if needed.

6. Ruger LCRx .357 Magnum 3-inch Barrel

If you need the firepower of a revolver chambered in .357 Magnum, you get a wheelgun with some weight. As a home-defense gun, that might be OK, but for concealed carry and for survival, every ounce counts. Here, the LCRx from Ruger shines. While the LCR is already very light weight, you do not get an external hammer. That means, you do not get the chance to fire in single-action. With the x-model, you get an external hammer. While the cylinder has a capacity of only 5 rounds, you do get a revolver that is overall very light, and the 3-inch barrel helps to keep the power of the .357 Magnum up.


5. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0 is made to be a carry gun. You get a capacity of 17+1 9mm rounds, without too big a size or too much of weight. This makes it concealable, within limits, and comfortable enough to have it on you all the time.

The factory trigger is very good with a short pull, crisp break and short reset. Overall, the gun comes with a great quality and the reliability that comes with it. It has been adopted by several law enforcement agencies proving that it is absolutely worth its money.


The grip comes with a good texture giving you a great purchase but not too much so that it does not feel like you are holding sandpaper. It also features serrations at the front of the slides and a manual safety.

4. Walther Q4 

The Walther Q4 is a very practical gun being big enough to get you the right accuracy and power, but also small and light enough to carry it concealed. It comes with a capacity of 15+1 rounds of 9mm, and being a Walther, just shoots great. The recoil management is no challenge at all so that you can bring a great number of rounds on target in a short amount of time.


3. Canik TP9DA

The Canik TP9DA comes with a capacity of 18+1 round in 9mm and a barrel length of a little over 4 inches, making it great when it comes to firepower. It is super reliable, and comes with a super factory trigger outdoing even most aftermarket systems. Thanks to it, you get an almost unmatched accuracy if you know what you are doing with this gun. Still, it is small and light enough to be concealable. It is striker fired but at the same time double action featuring a decocker. This means, your first trigger pull will be long and heavy, but after that, you get some nice single action shots. Also, you can set this trigger, and it comes with very little reset.

2. Beretta M9A3

Beretta is known for its quality guns, and the M9A3 chambered in 9mm is no exception. It made it into the military for a reason. Its oversized cut on the top of the slide makes for an easy ejection and with it a great reliability. Its capacity is 17+1, so you do not feel under gunned. You can attach accessories, like a light or a laser, in front of the trigger guard. The barrel is threaded to accept suppressors, and the sights are suppressor height, making it even easier for you.

As a do all gun, you can also carry it concealed. However, giving its size and capacity, it might not actually be comfortable to do so. Being all-metal, it is also not exactly light, but the weight does help with recoil control.

There have been reports about it not being super reliable and parts breaking while in use by the military, but you have to see the context. These guns got a really high round count on them. Often, it were the magazine that were worn out. After using new ones, the gun would run reliably again. Others just had chalked up so many rounds, that breaking parts had to be accepted. On the civilian market, there are normally no issues with the M9A3.


Alternatively, you can also choose the Beretta 92. You get the same system but without the reports of failures and parts breaking. Also, it has a capacity of just 15+1 rounds compared to the 17+1 for the M9A3.

1. HK VP9

The VP9 is super reliable and comes with the quality you would expect from HK. It comes with a canon gray barrel with a 90,000-round guarantee. On average, you will not shoot that many rounds in your whole life.

It comes with a 5-inch barrel and a capacity of 20+1 9mm rounds. The controls are completely ambidextrous, and overall, the ergonomics make it very comfortable to shoot. It is a striker fired gun, and the bore axis sits a little bit high, but this does not make the shooting unpleasant or less accurate. The recoil management is more than easy, and you just have to point the gun at the target to instantly get a perfect sight picture. Follow ups are no problem at all, as there is almost no muzzle rise. It is a solid choice that can take use and abuse and run practically forever.

There you have it guys, some great options when it comes to do-all pistols. If you think we forgot the one or the other, put it into the comments, and let us all know what makes them so great that they do belong onto this list.

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