These babies are undoubtedly the most popular category of handguns in the world, for a very good reason. They are used by literally everyone for self-defense, competition, and even the law enforcement and military use them.

For this reason, there are a plethora of 9mm handguns out there. It can be an intimidating experience for new shooters, so how do you know which one will serve you well? Well, if you are looking for versatile, reliable, and accurate handguns with minimal tweaks, then you have come to the right place. I have here a list of five accurate handguns that are worth every penny.

Of course, some of them will be more accurate than others, but these are all accurate enough for the job they are designed to do. Considering that not everyone will go on to become professional sports shooters who demand nothing short of perfection, the list will be much shorter. If you aspire to be a professional shooter, you will need to spend a lot more money on competition-designed pistols. Everyone else just needs a nice and reliable firearm that they can store at home, concealed carry, or out to the range.

The list here should satisfy a majority of shooters who want an accurate 9 mm handgun. My picks come in different shapes and sizes that serve different functions. We will not talk about revolvers here since they lack the rapid firing and high capacity we see in semi-autos.

But that is enough jibber-jabber from me. Here are my top five picks and why you should get one.

1. The Walther PPQ M2

If you want excellent triggers without breaking in periods combined with excellent accuracy out of the box, the PPQ is for you. It is a safe choice for many people because it does everything well. So if you are not sure what kind of pistol you should get but still want one to start with, then you cannot go wrong with the PPQ. It is a solid, accurate, and versatile sidearm.

Other than its elegant aesthetic, the gun is also very comfortable to shoot. It is incredibly ergonomic which allows it to excel in a self-defense scenario. The PPQ’s striker-fired trigger is perhaps the best money can buy right now. It is very short and crisp, even compared to the iconic 1911.

If you want to concealed carry the PPQ, consider getting the subcompact version. It is lighter and shorter. The standard PPQ is more geared toward home defense or range shooting, although it is still viable as a concealed carry firearm. There are many variants to choose from but all of them feel nicely contoured in the hand, enhancing the accuracy. Overall, you get excellent performance from the PPQ right out of the box. You won’t regret your purchase.

The Walther PPQ M2

2. Glock G19 Compact

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Glock would make the list. Simply put, Glock is just a popular brand. They have many plastic, short-recoil semi-auto pistols for virtually every application imaginable.

The Glocks are popular and are used by law enforcement, military, competition shooter, and casual shooters alike. With so many Glocks to choose from, why did I choose the G19 Compact? The answer is simple. It is a well-rounded pistol, making it a very versatile option. Its small size also makes it a powerful option as a backup firearm. The G19 Compact is the most compact of all the 9×19 Parabellum variants.

The G19 Compact is basically a smaller Glock 17. Similar to other Glocks, the G19 Compact is a very reliable striker-fired pistol. One of its features is a cocking mechanism whereby the triggers help cock the striker. This helps reduce the load on the recoil spring as it has to work less, which allows enough energy to load in a new round and achieve full battery.

Glock G19 Compact

The G19 Compact is also accurate right out of the box. While it might not beat other pistols in high-level competitive shooting, it is reliable enough for self-defense and range shooting. You can reliably nail shots within 4 inches up to 25 yards, which is good enough for many novice gun owners. With a bit of practice, you can get better. However, it starts to lose its accuracy beyond 50 yards.

The small size of the G19 Compact also makes it a suitable candidate for concealed carry. Combined with its rugged reliability, accuracy, and comfort, the G19 Compact is an excellent choice for many shooters. You get 15 rounds in the mag, but you can those with 10, 17, or 19 rounds. To sweeten the deal, every component in the G19 Compact is interchangeable with the Glock 17.

3. Glock G34 Gen5 MOS

This is a bit mouthful, but the G34 is designed for competitive shooting. More specifically, it is for IPSC shooting, combat, and self-defense. You get a longer slide dimension, sight radius, and barrel. The whole idea behind this pistol is to improve target engagement and accuracy. In fact, this is Glock’s attempt to make the most accurate Glock without having to resort to making a dedicated sniper rifle.

With this in mind, what can you expect from the G34? Again, only the best. The trigger is best in class compared to any Glock model you can get your hands on. The improved Marksman Barrel allows for better accuracy through polygonal rifling. You also get an enhanced barrel crown and they did away with the finger grooves on the grip.

Thanks to these features, many competitive shooters swear by the G34. It delivers pinpoint accuracy, a light 5.5-pound trigger pull, and a sleek but simple snag-free design. It proves itself to be a reliable companion for SWAT teams as well. If you want, you can also slap on a red dot.

Glock G34 Gen5 MOS

The G34 is a simple striker-fired semi-auto with a 5.31-inch match-grade barrel. You can get a really tight shot group out to 50 yards and you have 17 rounds in the mag. It is a powerful companion for virtually everyone. Plus, it is very easy to customize.

4. CZ-USA Shadow 2

You see the Shadow 2 in many competitive shooting scenes. In fact, many high-level competition shooters swear by CZ-USA pistols. The Shadow 2 is one of them. To say that the Shadow 2 is “accurate” is not doing it justice. So, what do you get with the Shadow 2?

It is a DA/SA (double action/single action) pistol, meaning that it is a double-action/single-action gun. It is chambered in 9 mm and comes with a steel frame, adjustable sights, and ambidextrous thumb safety. It has a bit more heft compared to other pistols and its form factor makes it inconvenient for concealed carry. For this reason, the Shadow 2 shines when used as a home defense tool or for target shooting.

The Shadow 2 improves upon its predecessor and it comes with a higher beavertail and undercut trigger. That way, you can put your hand as close to the bore axis as possible. The contoured slide also reduces muzzle flip so you can put down quick shots while maintaining good accuracy.

 CZ-USA Shadow 2

The new trigger also reduces trigger reset significantly and allows for a smooth DA and a crisp SA trigger pull. You can put down thousands of shots comfortably. The fact that many competitive shooters use the Shadow 2 should be enough endorsement you need in terms of accuracy. Even novice shooters can pick up the Shadow 2 and notice the difference in their shot groups. It might not be the most practical tool for self-defense, but you will have a blast with it at the range and it could be a lifesaver in a home-defense scenario.

5. Springfield Tactical Response 1911 TRP

The TRP is basically your Custom Professional Model HRT 1911 but modernized. The original one was developed for the FBI, so you know that this modernized version brings something really special. The 1911 is an iconic American pistol. It is no wonder why it is recognized across the globe. Many variations have been adopted by the military and law enforcement alike. With their endorsements, you know that you cannot really go wrong with this. So, what are we getting from the TRP?

Simply put: the best. It comes with a fit forged frame and slide, making it reliable in the field. It does not matter what situation you get yourself into – so long as you have the ammo, the TRP will keep shooting. And it shoots well. It works straight out of the box without having to “break-in”. It is simple, elegant, and accurate.

The standard for the 1911 is 5-inch dispersion at 25 yards, and 10 at 50 yards. The FBI picked the 1911 because it is reliable and accurate. Plus, you can put down a couple of shots accurately and the ergonomic is just excellent. The trigger is tunable and has a straight, short, and crisp pullback as well.

Springfield Tactical Response 1911 TRP

And there you have it, folks. These are my top pick accurate handguns. Of course, this is just my opinion and you might not agree with everything I just said. Maybe you think another pistol should be on the list. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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