We will look at some recent rifle introductions this year. Of course, while this year’s theme is all about concealed carry micro-compact 9mm, that does not mean that all firearm manufacturers totally abandoned the rifle market. In this episode, I have a list of 7 of them here and I will tell you exactly why they made the list.

1. Mossberg MVP Patrol Rifle

The MVP Patrol received a very warm welcome upon its debut that Mossberg decided to give us a more utilitarian version. This model comes in an all-black aesthetic with a polymer stock, a 16.25-inch barrel, a flash suppressor, adjustable iron sights, and a fiber-optic high-visibility front post. At its launch, this model is chambered in .300 BLK and accepts AR pattern mags. On top of this, literally, you have a short Picatinny rail to mount an optic of your choice. Mossberg also sweetened the deal by throwing in a free 10-round mag with your purchase.


2. Savage Arms Impulse Elite Precision

At first, the straight-pull rifle lineup is designed for hunters only. This year, we get the Impulse lineup that is geared toward long-range precision shooting. A couple of things went into this to deliver maximum performance: a Modular Driven Technologies Adjustable Core Competition chassis, the 110 Elite Precision, and a modified Palma-contour, button-rifled barrel. You get to pick the caliber as well, which also corresponds to the barrel length. It can be anywhere from 26-30 inches long. You also get ARCA rail fore-end and M-Lok attachment slots.


3. Bushmaster BA30 Straight-Pull

Bushmaster pushed out a lot of rifles out of the door this year. The most notable model is the BA30. At a glance, you would think that it is an AR .308 semi-auto platform. But if you look closer, you start to notice a few interesting features. For one, the charging handles are located on either side of the receiver. That means, the BA30 is a straight-pull rifle that comes with an action-assist feature that allows you to rack in the next round with ease.

4. Henry Long Ranger Express

The Henry Long Ranger platform has been around since 2016. Thanks to the addition of a six-lug, rotating bolt, it has improved accuracy and precision compared to other lever-action rifles. This year, Henry gave us a more basic but utilitarian variation of their Long Ranger Express chambered in 5.56 NATO. While their previous additions are not bad by any means, the polished bluing, food furniture, and long barrels made me think that they are more suited to hunting pigeons in a mansion. This one, on the other hand, looks right at home in the field where you want to get down and dirty. You get a short 16.5-inch carbine barrel, a matte metal finish, and a durable wood-laminate. It is designed to be a rugged workhorse that serves as a handy companion in the field.

5. Smith & Wesson Volunteer XV

Smith & Wesson is a reputable firearm manufacturer in the United States. Specifically, they are known for their AR-15s. This year, they are giving us the Volunteer XV which comes with a wide variety of options depending on which model you go for. We would be here all day if we go over every one of them. Simply put, the XV lineup comes with a new set of furniture and improved features. They do share a short 16.5-inch carbine barrel but they can be had with a 20-inch DMR-style setup. You also get a tasty and crisp single-stage trigger.


6. Springfield Armory Hellion

The Springfield Armory Hellion is a product of a collaboration between Springfield Armory and HS Produkt from Croatia. It is based on the Croatian service rifle the VHS-2. While the name nees some getting used too, the style and ergonomics are not. It just looks great and can be handled with ease. The Hellion is a rifle designed to suit the American tastes for guns and it comes in a bullpup configuration with the added comfort of an adjustable buttstock. Chambered in the 5.56 NATO, the gun is compatible with STANAG mags and AR-15 pistol grips. A nice little feature here is that the ejection port can be modified to push out spent cases from either the left or the right, meaning that both lefties and righties can shoot this thing. In fact, the ejection angle is set slightly forward in a way that you can switch from left to right hand shooting even without changing the ejection port, and of course without being hit by the spent cases.


7. Winchester Arms Xpert

The Wildcat semi-auto .22 was a smashing success for Winchester. This year, they pushed out the Xpert, which is a bolt-action platform based on the chassis of the Wildcat. You get a 10-round rotary mag, a button-rifled precision barrel, a Bentz chamber, an incredibly crisp trigger, and a polymer stock. The Xpert is also compatible with Ruger 10/22 mags as well.

And there you have it, folks. These are my top 7 picks for rifles introduced in 2022. Granted, this is just my opinion and so you do not have to take my advice. At the end of the day, the best rifle is the one that you enjoy shooting. If you think that there is a gun that should make the list, why not let us know in the comment section below?

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