A concealed carry pistol has to fulfill a lot of requirements. It has to be reliable, concealable, budget friendly, powerful enough, and last but not least, it has to be comfortable. Which of these criteria comes first for you is a matter of your personal choice. If it is comfort, then the following handguns will be exactly right for you.

7. Bul Armory 1911 SAS II Ultralight

The Ultralight from Bul Armory provides you a good mix of firepower and comfort. This gun is not too small to matter in a fight and not too big or heavy to be carried around below your clothing. It has a capacity of 16+1 rounds of 9mm. This caliber is strong enough to make a difference yet not so strong to make it hard to shoot. Also, with this capacity, you give more than one attacker a run for his money.

Not only is the Ultralight from Bul Armory a great gun when it comes to carry and actual self-defense, it is also a beauty. Designed like a modern 1911 or rather 2011, it has a double stack magazine and a modernized look. Alone its barrel sticks out. Being fluted in different ways, looking right at the front, it reminds you of a star more than of a simple barrel. This is done not only for the impression but also to save weight.

Being a true 1911 from its internals, it is a single-action gun with a trigger that is just super. The trigger weight is just 3 pounds give or take and the recoil is super manageable. That is a handgun with which you can easily reach out to 50 yards and beyond. Also, it comes with a manual thumb safety and a grip safety. As it is meant to be carried in condition one, that is with a round in the chamber and a cooked hammer, these safeties make sure that there is no mishap.

The barrel length is 3.25 inches. The grip is made of polymer and the frame of aluminum. It comes with a picatinny rail and is optic ready. The stainless-steel slide sports serrations at the front and back for easy handling. With an adjustable rear and fiber optic front side, aiming is no challenge. It ships with 2 magazines, each for 16 rounds. The unloaded weight is just a tad over 22 ounces. With all of these goodies, there must be a downside, you might think, and you would be right. The downside is the price. It can be had for a price north of $1400.

6. Kimber Micro 9 Triari

Don`t worry Glock Fanboys, we come to your honey as well. But before, we have another 1911 for the friends of exceptionally smooth triggers. That is the Kimber Micro 9 Triari. That gun is like the Ultralight not only a super smooth 1911 but also a super beauty. Coming with a unique pattern on the slide and grip, you will fall in love with it instantly.

And shooting? Its trigger and grip pattern make for a lot of accuracy. Hitting a target at 50 yards is no big challenge with it. It is smaller than the Ultralight and weighs only 15.6 ounces with an empty magazine. That makes it very easy to conceal and comfortable to carry all day.

For an MSRP of $876, you get a capacity of 7+1 of 9mm rounds and a barrel length of 3.15 inches. The frame is made from aluminum and the barrel and slide from stainless steel. When you have to defend yourself, you are usually on a backfoot as your assailant will try to surprise you. Here, the red fiber optic front and green fiber optic rear sights allow you to acquire a good sight picture very fast. Thanks to its good balance, you are also able to let off some quick follow up shots. The manual thumb safety is placed that you can disengage it intuitively so that this pistol is save to carry and ready to fire in a pinch.


5. Glock 43

OK, here it comes, A GLOCK. Yeah, and speaking of comfortable pistols, it is the Glock 43. This subcompact polymer gun is chambered in 9×19. As a true Glock, it comes with the beauty of simplicity. There is no thumb or grip safety. Being striker fired, the trigger pull and blade safety prevent an accidental discharge.

Being a single stack designed for concealed carry, the Glock 43 is on the smaller side of things but still packs a punch. For that, it comes with a capacity of 6+1, but you get extensions for the magazines, and it does accept bigger magazines. Glocks are known for their reliability and good ergonomics, and the 43 is no exception here.


The barrel has a length of 3.41 inches, and the whole gun weighs just 16.23 ounces without magazine.

4. Ruger LCP II

The Ruger LCP II is one of the smallest guns you can carry concealed for self-defense. It comes with a slide lock after the last round has been fired. The capacity stands at 6+1. Granted, it shoots just .380 ACP rounds, but those are not only better than nothing, they also have some advantages. First and foremost, they keep the gun small and its weight down. Also, they are not that snappy when fired from such a small platform.

Also, shooting .380 ACP means that this gun needs only a weaker recoil spring making racking the slides super easy. A blade safety in the trigger prevents accidents if the gun is dropped. The sights are a little bit small, but that is no issue. This gun is not made to be a sniper replacement. You shoot an attacker who is very close to you. Also, small sights avoid snags when you draw the gun.


When it comes to the LCP II, there is another advantage that should not be overlooked. Keeping its advantages in mind, its MSRP is just $419, and it can be had for much less. This is really affordable.

3. Ruger LCRx

The Ruger LCR is a very light and concealable revolver. You can have it with a barrel length of 1.87 inches. However, it comes with a downside. It has no external hammer making it double action only. As a single action pull is much better, you might want to keep the ability to cock it before shooting. That you can do with the Ruger LCRx, the version with an external hammer in double and single action. Also, you can get it with a 3-inch barrel if the shorter one is not your thing.

With an MSRP north of $700, you get a really light wheelgun. You also get to choose the chambering which also influences the capacity. Going for .38 Special gets you the old standard of self-defense. If you want something with more power, go for .357 Magnum. You will have more power from that revolver than a PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) in 9mm. However, both options just get you 5 rounds in the cylinder. Going for more, you can choose .22LR (22 long rifle) or .22WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire), which is not recommended for self-defense, but gets you 8 rounds. If you look for something in the middle, choose the .327 Federal Magnum. With 6 rounds, you get round for round more punch than a 9 mm being on a level of a lighter loaded .357 Magnum round.


2. Smith & Wesson 340 PD

If you like revolvers but want more options, you can take a look at the Smith & Wesson 340 PD. This beauty is very light but offers you the power of 5 .357 Magnum rounds. Even out of its 2-inch barrel, that beats 9mm easily.

Being made for concealed carry, it just weighs 12 ounces and comes without an external hammer. That way, there is no snag when drawing. While the MSRP of $1095 is a little bit high, you should not forget that this is a revolver. Buy it one time, and it stays with you for your whole life. That makes it worth this price.


1. FN 509 Midsize

The FN 509 Midsize is again on the bigger side of things, but do not let yourself get fooled by it. It is still easily concealable, and with it, you get a super accurate pistol. It is made for the US Military`s Modular Handgun competition. That means, it is made for superb accuracy. Granted, there is a compact model if you want to go small, but the midsize allows you to reach out further if necessary. If you think that is not important enough, fine, go with the compact model.

Chambered for 9mm, the Midsize has a barrel length of 4 inches. The longer grip gives you more control when shooting allowing for fast and precise follow ups. Unloaded, it weighs 26.5 ounces, and it boasts a capacity of 15+1 rounds. The MSRP is $719.

The MSRP for the compact model is the same, but the barrel length is just 3.7 inches. The capacity is reduced to 12+1 rounds, but you can also use 15-round magazines. The weight of the compact model is just 25.5 ounces.


There you have it guys, 7 of the most comfortable pistols you can find on the market. If you think you know another one that should make the list, sound it off in the comments and tell us what makes it so comfortable.

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