Looking for something to use for plinking? Are you not in a mood for a regulated gun or do you prefer something more affordable to shoot? Look no further, here you find the new air rifles for 2022 that can give you some real nice experience without the high cost for ammo and with much less regulations attached.

Airgunning has become ever more popular in the last few years and that has brought us some real innovations that can be seen in the new generation of air rifles. Some of the new guns are completeley new designs while others refine existing ones using new technologies. Most of them are PCP platforms, meaning precharged pneumatic rifles.

1. SKOUT EPOCH Elektro-Pneumatic 

SKOUT Airguns started as a company by manufacturing paintball guns. However, now they try to venture into airguns as well. With the EPOCH, a competition airgun is born using an electro-pneumatic valve design. This means, there are no springs involved. Thereby, the cyclic weight is almost non-existent, and there is no metallic wear. The firing mechanism is just not getting old. Not only does it come with a really long life expectancy, it does also require very little maintenance.

The MAX FLOW regulator of the EPOCH produces consistent and also precise regulation for the released air. This allows the result of the shots to be repeated and an overall great reliability.

The shot-cycle control is customizable as is the pre-shot sequencing. An information OLED data display presents you the important information. The software can easily be upgraded. While not everyone is convinced of electronics like this in a rifle, the potential advantages make a great difference for competitive shooters.

SKOUT EPOCH Elektro-Pneumatic 

Not only is the performance just great, this gun is also TSA compliant. This means also, that the air tanks can be removed without the use of any tools. This is especially important, when you want to travel by plane with this gun. Not yet in production, this rifle is scheduled to appear on the market in late summer.

2. AirForce ArrowGun

AirForce rifles are known to be solid performers, and they have proven themselves time and again. They are rugged and have withstood harsh conditions with ease. This ArrowGun is no exception to this. It is optimized to be used with lower fill pressures of 150 PSI. This makes it ideal for those who use hand pumps for filling saving you the trouble of having heavy and expensive filling equipment.

It comes in 2 versions. The standard model and the carbine. Both are more than able to shoot arrows and broadhead downrange at speeds that rival those of modern crossbows. In many states, the use of arrow guns for deer hunting is allowed, making this rifle a good choice no matter which version you want. Both are accurate, powerful and compact.

AirForce ArrowGun

3. JTS Airacuda PCP

JTS is new in the airgun market, but their parent company, Xisico, has a long history. With this kind of backup, JTS tried itself with the Airacuda line what includes both the Airacuda and the Airacuda Max. Both of them are PCP rifles and can be had in .22 and .25. Also, their look is quite similar, but there are some differences. For example, the Max is a regulated version.

Both models show a high quality of production coming with hardwoods instead of plastic. The stocks have an elegant shape sporting some laser-cut checkering, and they are streamlined. The real chance for JTS is the price with which it positions its rifles in the same segment as are way more budget models. In other words, you can get it for a much better price than guns of similar quality and much more quality than guns of the same price. That system should work.

JTS Airacuda PCP

4. Umarex Gauntlet

You want something bigger with more oomph behind? Search no longer. You found it in the form of the .30 caliber PCP air rifle, the Umarex Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is not new to the market and has stood its ground on a market rich with platforms that have a lot of features and come with competitive prices. What made it succeed? A high capacity air storage reservoir and a regulator that allows a 2800 PSI charge. This gives you 25 shots on full power with a great consistency. It comes with 2 magazines and a single shot loading tray. This allows you to try out some special projectiles.

The synthetic stock, cocking bolt, trigger assembly and air management system allow for some great ergonomics. They are just well designed so that it is easy to work with them. This makes it just a great gun on the market.

Umarex Gauntlet

5. Brocock Ranger XR 

The Brocock Ranger XR can best be described as a compact hunting airgun for the urban environment. If you are looking for the ultimate compact hunting rig, you just fount it, and it comes in a really appealing look as a semi bullpup design. The stock is foldable, allowing it to be easily slipped into the backpack to transport it without getting too much attention on your way to the shooting site. Also, thanks to its size and weight, it is no problem to haul it long distance on a hike.

The power of the Ranger XR is adjustable and it offers some very good accuracy. For this, it comes with a match grade barrel and a HUMA regulator and floating hammer system of Brocock. Surprising for its size, it got some serious range and a really hard hit. You get 30 shots with one fill and each delivers up to 20 ft-lbs. The power can be adjusted in 3 positions ad it also has a hammer dwell adjuster. This makes it possible, do access the hammer spring and adjust it.

Brocock Ranger XR 

The trigger is adjustable as well and has a crisp break. You can have this gun in .177 or .22 caliber with quick loading magazines. For the smaller caliber, it has a capacity of 13 and for the bigger one of 11 shots.

6. Air Venturi Seneca Dragonfly

This Multi-Pump Air Rifle comes in a classic design that just appeals to the memories of many shooters. With a streamlined beech stock that fits well into your hand, you can hold it very stable. The shock comes with a nice checkering, and it has a rubberized butt pad.

For each shot, pump your rifle 3 to 8 times. How many times is up to you and depends on the power you want the shot to have. The effort for each pump stays low, even at the eighths time. Responsible for this is the linkage between the pump assembly and the cocking arm.

You can get this beauty in .177 and .22 with which you can reach velocities of up to 800 fps (feet per second). A self-indexing magazine feeds the pellets without any problems, and it has a capacity of 9 rounds in .177 and 7 rounds in .22. To shoot, cock the bolt-action, pump up, and pull the trigger.

Air Venturi Seneca Dragonfly

7. Hatsan Mod 65

The Hatsan Mod 65 is a spring piston air rifle. There are a lot of airguns out there using such a system so that you are excused for getting really picky when it comes to it. What is needed is a smooth shooting cycle, a real cocking effort, and of course a good trigger.

Add to this some good accuracy, a comfortable stock and some great ergonomics, and you have a winner. It is also not bad that the gun is quiet when it comes to the muzzle report as well as the noise of the running action. Also, it should be easy on the eye, and you will be happy. Looking at the Mod 65, one can say that it is definitely a keeper. With it you get the full package of all what you need and then some more.

Hatsan Mod 65

This gun is a single shot break barrel springer. You can have it in .177, .22, and .25-caliber. The barrel comes with a shroud, and there is a SAS shock absorber system which makes the gun as quiet as smooth when you shoot it. This is supported by the ergonomic stock, adjustable comb and the checkering. A further help is the rubber buttpad. The Quattro Trigger in this gun is one of the best riggers you can have on a springer. All around, this package does not even break your bank.

And there you have it guys, the new air rifles for 2022. If you think there should be another rifle on this list, don`t be shy and put it in the comments. Let us know its features, and what makes it great.

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