There are a lot of 9mm handguns out there. If you want to know, which one gets you the best value or the best bang for your buck, we have a list for you here. All of our picks launch projectiles in 9mm Luger, are great for concealed carry and some even for competition, and they accept a wide variety of commercial loads.

If you are unsure which gun is the best for you, with the pistols on our list, you simply cannot go wrong. To choose from them, look for their main advantage, and how it fits your needs. Do you need a super concealable pistol because you like wearing light clothes? Are you on a tight budget and need a super affordable gun? Are you more concerned with firepower? In the end, the gun has to be right for you and for you only, so decide by yourself which gun brings you the most of exactly what you need.

9. Ruger Security 9

The Ruger Security 9 is a very popular gun for 2 very important reasons. First, it is quite affordable with an MSRP that starts at just $469. Second, it gets you everything you need for serious self-defense work. It is a workhorse, without unnecessary bells and whistles but instead with great reliability and ease of use.

It comes with a 4-inch barrel sitting right at the sweet spot between performance and concealability. The magazine has a capacity of 15 rounds, again a sweet spot but this time for concealability, firepower, and ease of actually holding the gun when shooting. If this is all too much for you and you want something smaller, for example to make it more concealable, you can take the variant with a 3.42-inch barrel and 10 rounds in the magazine.


Both versions of the guns shoot very smoothly. That is owed to the well-contoured glass filled nylon grip that comes with comfortable texturing. The gun features an internal hammer and a bladed trigger. To operate the slide, less force is used compared to similar guns.

8. Taurus GX4

You look for an affordable gun? Look no further. Taurus is famous for its reasonably priced products, and the Taurus GX4 is no exception with an MSRP of $399. It comes with outstanding ergonomics and is easy to operate. The accuracy for a gun of this size is surprisingly good. With a barrel length of 3.06 inches, it has an overall length of only 6 inches making it easy to conceal. If you look for something bigger, there is an XL version available with a 3.7-inch barrel. If you want something fancier, go for the T.O.R.O. variant which sports an optics-ready slide.

With good grip texturing as well as front and rear slide serrations, the Taurus gets you everything you need for a very reasonable price.


7. Mossberg MC2sc

Known for its shotguns, Mossberg has ventured into the area of concealed carry pistols and is quite successful with the MC2sc. For an MSRP of $556, you get a very reliable gun that is accurate and easy to shoot. The stainless steel slide and black DLC finish can take a beating and show no sign of age after years of carry and thousands of rounds on the range.

The grip is designed to make recoil control a non-challenge. The takedown is fast and safe, and the firepower is nothing to sneeze at. In the flush fit magazine, you get 11 rounds, and 14 of them sit in the extended mag. Add one more in the chamber, and you can rival some bigger handguns. The barrel has a length of 3.4 inches, and the gun features an optics cut.


6. Stoeger STR-9SC OR

Starting at an MSRP of just $399, the Stoeger STR-9SC OR is a well designed product, and the OR version is optics ready if you want to use a red dot. The gun ships with 2 magazines each having a capacity of 10 rounds. Also, in the box are 3 interchangeable backstraps to make it fit your hand perfectly.

Ergonomics are excellent as are the slide serrations making it easy to rack. The barrel length stands at 3.54 inches, and the weight is 22 ounces. That makes this pistol comfortable to carry each day all day long.

If you want to use iron sights but do not like the ones coming from the factory, you can choose a model with tritium sights. The trigger is smooth with a crisp break. Thanks to it, the STR-9 is a very accurate pistol.

Stoeger STR-9SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol

5. Savage Arms Stance

The Savage Arms Stance is the first product of this manufacturer in the field of sub-compact 9mm handguns. For an MSRP of $479, the pistol sports modern lines and is very practical. Vented slide serrations make it easier to rack the slide and keep at the same time the weight of the gun down making it more comfortable to carry all day.

You aim with a U-notch rear sight and an orange dot front sight. This allows you to quickly acquire a good picture if you ever have to use this gun to defend yourself. It is also very small with a single stack magazine. The capacity with the flush fit magazine is 7+1 rounds, and with the extended one 8+1 rounds.

Savage Arms Stance

The slide stop is ambidextrous, and the overall length is 6 inches, and the overall weight is 22 ounces unloaded. The 3.2-inch barrel is made from stainless steel as is the slide. The black nitride finish is good looking and rugged. For the polymer grip frame, you get to choose between gray, black, and flat dark earth.

4. Rock Island Armory STK100

With an MSRP of $499, the STK100 might not be the most affordable option, but with a 4.5-inch barrel it is a quite capable one. It features a frame made from aluminum, and has quite some weight tipping the scale at 28 ounces. However, do not forget that it is the weight that soaks up recoil making this gun a very smooth shooter.

The design of this gun is similar to a 1911. It also comes with an extended beavertail. With its balance, it just feels great when shooting. Also, it features an optics cut on the slide. That does not mean that you have to use a red dot. The iron sights that are installed from the factory are very good by themselves. Taking it down is easy and done in seconds. The nitride finish will survive quite some abuse making it very durable.

From its size, it is not necessarily a super concealable pistol. However, at the range, you will be very happy with it. Also, it serves you well as a home-defense gun.

Rock Island Armory STK100

3. Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus is a great gun for concealed carry, and at an MSRP of $499, it does not break your bank. It gets you a lot of firepower for your money with a capacity of 10 rounds in the flush fit magazine and 13 rounds in the extended one. The flat-face bladed trigger is easy to control, and the black Armornite finish is quite durable. If you want something a little bit more fancy, there is a Performance Center edition with all the bells and whistles you might want including a Crimson Trace laser.

Thanks to its balance, this just 6-inch long pistol will shoot like a full-sized model allowing you to hit even in a high-stress situation. The takedown after a day on the range is quite simple and done in seconds. Thanks to a deactivation lever, the procedure does not include pulling the trigger making it very safe.


2. Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 2 OSP

For an MSRP of just $440, the Springfield Armory XD-S Mod. 2 OSP is a great carry gun. It is not only reliable, but also very comfortable to shoot. This means that it goes bang if push comes to shove and that you will train with it whenever you can so that you are ready if this situation ever comes.

Being very small with a 3.3-inch hammer forged steel barrel, this gun feeds from single stack magazines. This gets you 7 rounds in the flush fit mag and 9 in the extended one. While this is somewhat less than others, it also keeps the overall width of the gun under one inch making it super easy to conceal.


The Mod. 2 is an upgrade featuring improved texture which is more aggressive and allows for more control during shooting. It comes with standard U-notch rear sights and a white dot front sight. The black nitride Melonite finish will survive years of carrying and countless hours on the range, so that this beauty will stay with you for many years to come.

1. Girsan MC P35

The Girsan MC P35 is a Browning Hi-Power clone that brings you the firepower of this legendary pistol and more. Where the Hi-Power originally came with a capacity of 13 rounds in the magazine, the Girsan MC P35 comes with 15. It has the almost exact same look as the Hi-Power. Featuring a slide, magazines and frame made from steel, this gun is with 30 ounces on the heavier side of things, but weight soaks up recoil which makes it quite comfortable to shoot.


The gun is also well balanced which makes handling the recoil easy. The trigger is single-action and as such very smooth. You can choose between 3 versions. Two of them feature picatinny rails and one of them is optics ready. The barrel length is 4.6 inches for all giving it some extra performance. Thanks to their size and weight, carrying one of them concealed is a challenge but not impossible. Apart from that, they are great at the range and for home defense as well as for open carry. You can get one for an MSRP of $630.

And these, guys, are the 9mm handguns with the best value. If you own one of them or have some experience with it, let us know in the comments and tell us how you liked it.

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